Saturday, June 10, 2017

Final Forest Friday, June 9th

The day that...
we said thank you to the forest.

Students wrote great entries in their journals this week!
"I hope to see a butterfly."

"I hope to roast s'mores."

Mrs. T visited and brought her kids to play with us!  We were so surprised and happy to see her.

We ate a lot of yummy food.  We made popcorn and to celebrate our last day we made s'mores with jumbo marshmallows!

In our sit spots we said thank you to the forest.  Some of us said thank you for the beautiful rocks while some of us said thank you for the fresh air and trees.

It may have rained on us, but we had a lot of fun on our last day.  

We had a great year in the forest.  We loved playing, cooking, and learning about nature!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Forest Friday, June 2nd

The day that...
we made pasta and found crystals.

At the beginning of the day we had our spelling bee in our classroom.  We had cardboard on our tables that made sure that we couldn't see another person's paper.  It looked like a desk. It was fun for some us!

This is Reliable Raccoon's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see fox scat."  His words match his picture.  There are spaces between his words so it is easier for us to see them.
This is Wise White Footed Deer Mouse's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see some toads."  He put spaces between his words and he colored inside of the lines.
This is Brave Barred Owl's journal.  She wrote "I hope I see a Scarlet Tanager."  She put spaces between he words.  She also has a lot of details in her picture.

This is Alfonso.  He sings a pizza song.  He sounds just like Maximo from GoNoodle!
First we squished the dough with our hands.  Then we flipped the dough and kneaded it.  Then we used a machine to flatten the dough.  On the other side of the machine, we put the dough through and it cut it into strips.  We hung the pasta on a string.  Then we cooked the pasta on the fire in a pot with water.  We put cheese and butter on the pasta before we ate it all up!
The pasta was really good!  We liked it.  

It was kind of cold outside.  It was around 60 degrees today.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Forest Friday, May 19th

The day that...
we had asparagus and pepperoni.

This is Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander's journal.  He put spaces between his words.  His picture matches his words.  His picture has really great details.
This is Brave Barred Owl's journal.  She wrote "I hope I see a hummingbird."  She started her sentence with an uppercase letter.  She put a period at the end of her sentence.  
This is Nice Northern Shrike's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see a salamander."  He used realistic colors in his picture.  The tree is really good.

These friends are carrying several lunches.  In this picture Brave Barred Owl, Selfless Snowy Owl, and Responsible Red Fox were carrying the lunches.   Bubbly Black Bear and Enthusiastic Eastern Newt were also carrying lunches.  Other friends were carrying water and our forest toilet.

Wise White Footed Deer Mouse is wearing Mr. Sadowski's hat.  Bugs were flying around his head and the hat kept them away.

During play time some of us were making fairy houses by the brook.  We made beds and a pool.  Some of us were making holes in the brook and making the water flow faster and slower.

We had vegetables and pepperoni for snack. Some of us helped to make the fire.  We needed fire to cook!  It was very easy to cook.  Wise White Footed Deer Mouse helped.  He was very safe when he used a knife.   The pepperoni was a little spicy.  The asparagus was very yummy!

In Miss Wetzel's station we were doing math.  We were working with the tricky teens.  There were cards that had numbers on them.  Those cards matched other cards that had the same number in a double ten frame.  It was good. 

This was from Mr. Sadowski's station.  We made log houses.  We had to be kind and fast.  We worked together!  This is the boys' house.  

It was seventy two degrees outside.  It was kind of hot.  We had so much fun!  It was a good day.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Forest Friday, May 12th

The day that...
it was super muddy.

This is Sweet Snowshoe Hare's journal.  She wrote "I hope to see a cardinal bird."  It has spaces which helps us see the words.  
This is Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see a hole."  He wrote this in the morning and then found one when he went outside!
This is Cheerful Chipmunk's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see a fox."  His sentence has good spaces and his picture matches his words.

Wise Woodpecker and Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse found fiddleheads!  We noticed that there were a lot of baby fiddleheads.

During play time we went to the brook.  We had fun there.  Reliable Raccoon and Bubbly Black Bear found a crystal while they were there.  Some of us were building a fairy house.  Others were building a dam with rocks and leaves.

Responsible Red Fox found an acorn sprout.  It had a green sprout coming out of the side!

Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander found a large hole!  We wonder how it got there.  Some of us thought a bear lived there.  Mr. Sadowski told us that the roots were growing over a rock and that eventually the tree tipped over because it wasn't so sturdy.

We made grilled cheese for snack.  We used bread for the bottom and top and cheese in the middle.  Mr. Sadowski cut each sandwich into four pieces.  Everybody got to eat two pieces of grilled cheese.  It tasted great and delicious!

In Miss Wetzel's station we were doing math problems.  Bubbly Black Bear and Selfless Snowy Owl used five leaves to show how many dots were on the five frame.  The card tells us that 5+0=5.
We know other equations too!  3+2=5 and 4+1=5

In Mr. Sadowski's station we were finding different types of leaves.  We found maple, oak, white pine, beech, and hemlock.  It was fun.

It was a very fun day.  It was warm out today.  It was around 60 degrees.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Forest Friday, April 28th

The day that...
we saw a snail.

"I hope to see a fiddlehead."  This student used finger spaces and drew a very realistic illustration.
"I hope to see flowers."  This student used an uppercase letter at the beginning of her sentence and a period at the end.
"I hope to see a toad."  This student looked at the Naturally Curious book to decide what she wanted to see in the forest.

We found fiddlehead ferns today! They were very small and still growing.  Some of us had written in our forest journals that we wanted to see them.

For snack we made apple crisp over the fire.  Some of us helped to cut the apples before we added the other ingredients.  We let it cook for a while and then tried it while it was warm.  It was so yummy!

We saw a snail today! The shell felt hard.  The shell looked cute.  When we scared it Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander saw it go into its shell. Cheerful Chipmunk called it grandfather snail. Salamander called it Mr. Snail. The snail was gone by the time we got back from stations. 

In one station we tried to copy the sounds that birds make. One of the birds we practiced was an owl.  The blue jay sounded like a scratching disk. EEEE. EEEE. EEEEE. The sounds were fun to listen to but they were hard to make. Some of the birds we heard recordings of were birds that we had heard in nature before.

In another station we collected sticks and grouped them by 10's.  We were collecting them so that we can burn them in our fire.  One group collected 180 sticks and another group collected 190 sticks.

At the end of the day some of us played in the brook. We were playing with a duck we called Mr. Quackers.  We were trying to make him go as fast as we could. There were lots of rocks and some of them were stuck and we could not move them. 
The rest of us stayed up at our base camp and played. We climbed a rope and rock climbed and we played and had fun.

People forgot their lunch in the forest so we got a stick and put all the lunches that were forgotten on it.  We brought the lunches in but left the stick outside. We even put the trash on the stick and the cups.  Some things belong to all of us and we all work together to carry them.  Salamader was a good leader and helped the group. We took good care of each other today.  A lot of friends helped with carrying things for the group.

It was 68 degrees today.  We had a good day.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, April 11th

The day that...
we went on an Easter egg hunt!

"I hope to see a caterpillar."  Newt heard so many sounds in the word caterpillar.  His words match his picture.   
"I hope to see fox scat."
"I hope to see a bird." Sweet Snowy Owl put spaces between her words and her words match her picture. He letters are neat.  We can see that she took her time and wrote carefully. 

Reliable Raccoon is holding up the fruit and the bread that Balanced Blue Jay's mom sent us for snack today.  That was very generous of her. 

We were pretending that we were the Easter Bunnies. 
At morning meeting our activity was to find the brightly colored eggs. There was a marshmallow inside of the egg and a word that we had to read to Miss Wetzel.  There were words like it, can, no and the. At play time we got to play with the eggs some more.

We painted at the brook.
It was fun to draw at the brook. We also got to play in the brook today.  Some of the kids made a dam.
We were painting pictures about spring. Some of us were painting what we saw.  Even Miss Wetzel painted.  We used the water from the brook to make our paints wet. 

In Miss T's station we collected buds. We called them bud bouquets. We have them at our tables now and we can watch them grow. 
We found a great bud and we were excited to cut it and put it in our bouquet but there was a spider in a spider web on it.  This was his home so we decided to leave it be. 
We got soaking wet. We were playing.  Some of us put our hands in the water and it was very cold!  Cheerful Chipmunk got wet to his knee. It was fun and cold.  It was a vernal pool.

On our way back inside, we played more.  We were playing in another part of the brook.  There was a lot of water today.  It was really hot and the heat from the sun melted the snow.

Selfless Snowy Owl, Brave Barred Owl, and Responsible Red Fox were carrying everyone's lunch box.  We have three major rules in the forest: we take care ourselves, we take care of our forest, and we take care of each other.  These friends were doing all three.

Our day was great.  It was 65 degrees today.