Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, April 11th

The day that...
we went on an Easter egg hunt!

"I hope to see a caterpillar."  Newt heard so many sounds in the word caterpillar.  His words match his picture.   
"I hope to see fox scat."
"I hope to see a bird." Sweet Snowy Owl put spaces between her words and her words match her picture. He letters are neat.  We can see that she took her time and wrote carefully. 

Reliable Raccoon is holding up the fruit and the bread that Balanced Blue Jay's mom sent us for snack today.  That was very generous of her. 

We were pretending that we were the Easter Bunnies. 
At morning meeting our activity was to find the brightly colored eggs. There was a marshmallow inside of the egg and a word that we had to read to Miss Wetzel.  There were words like it, can, no and the. At play time we got to play with the eggs some more.

We painted at the brook.
It was fun to draw at the brook. We also got to play in the brook today.  Some of the kids made a dam.
We were painting pictures about spring. Some of us were painting what we saw.  Even Miss Wetzel painted.  We used the water from the brook to make our paints wet. 

In Miss T's station we collected buds. We called them bud bouquets. We have them at our tables now and we can watch them grow. 
We found a great bud and we were excited to cut it and put it in our bouquet but there was a spider in a spider web on it.  This was his home so we decided to leave it be. 
We got soaking wet. We were playing.  Some of us put our hands in the water and it was very cold!  Cheerful Chipmunk got wet to his knee. It was fun and cold.  It was a vernal pool.

On our way back inside, we played more.  We were playing in another part of the brook.  There was a lot of water today.  It was really hot and the heat from the sun melted the snow.

Selfless Snowy Owl, Brave Barred Owl, and Responsible Red Fox were carrying everyone's lunch box.  We have three major rules in the forest: we take care ourselves, we take care of our forest, and we take care of each other.  These friends were doing all three.

Our day was great.  It was 65 degrees today.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, April 4th

The day that...
we played in the waterfall.

Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse wrote: I hope to see eggs. She left spaces between her words. Her words match her picture. She took her time to color carefully.

Reliable Raccoon wrote: I hope to see some blue bird eggs.  This is great because his words match his picture. He also used details in his picture. 

Eastern Redback Salamander wrote: I hope to see a snake.  It is easy for us to read because we can see that he drew the detail of a snake. We can see the spaces between the words and that the words match the pictures.  He challenged himself to use lower case letters. 

We had snack. We had popcorn and dried kiwi. We ate snack inside today because it was raining out.

We were throwing snow balls into the big puddle of water.  Nice northern shrike got water on his face. There was more water in this place than the last time we were in the forest.  Last time there was ice. It was deeper today than last time too. The water was dark.  We did not see fish or sunlight. 

This is Reliable Raccoon holding his stick so that he could test the water.  He was testing if the water was fast and how cold the water was. There is snow on the end of the stick. If the snow melts we know that the water is colder than the snow.

We saw yellow snow at the base of the trees.  We wondered if it was animal urine. One student thought it might be from a deer.  We kept seeing it at the bottom of trees, though, so we thought maybe it is sap from the tree. It is a mystery.

Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander got his foot stuck in a hole. It was really deep. Wise woodpecker got stuck in a hole today too. So did Balanced Blue Jay, Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse, and Bubbly Black Bear. 

Our snow girl was shrinking so we built a new one. Woodland Jumping Mouse was using a shovel.

We played in the stream for a little while.  We were throwing snow in the stream and walking along the stream up to our fire circle.

We had a great day.  We got wet.  It was 39 degrees outside.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, March 28th

The day that...
we made pancakes and a bowling alley.

Balanced Blue Jay wrote I hope to see frog eggs. Her words match her picture. She left spaces between her words. 
Nice Northern Shrike wrote: "I hope to see a fox." His words match his picture.  He left spaces between his words. He challenged himself to carefully use lower case letters. He put a period at the end of his sentence. 

Nice Northern Shrike and Decisive Deer are holding a stick so they can work together to carry our water and their lunches. They wanted to work together because the water was heavy. 

We found tracks.  Almost all of us thought it was a raccoon. We think the raccoon got into our birdseed. 

 The ball is rolling down the track. Some of us are watching the ball. This is our bowling alley!

Selfless Snowy Owl was shaking the jar.  Bubbly Black Bear and the other students had a turn to shake it too.  We were making pancakes.  Mrs. T helped us with the pancakes - we were not making the pancakes alone. 

Mrs. T is pouring the batter on the griddle.  We all had firsts and seconds and some of us had thirds fourths and even fifths.  They were delicious.  Some of us didn't use our maple syrup.  We tapped some trees and got sap a couple of weeks ago.  We put it over the fire to make it into maple syrup. Today we put that syrup on our pancakes. 

If you were not wearing mittens it probably felt like it was 0 degrees.   It was really 40 degrees.  We had an amazing day.  The pancakes were delicious.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, March 21st

The day that...
we built a snowman!

This is Decisive Deer's forest journal.  She put spaces between her words.  She put in a lot of details and her picture matches her words.
This is Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse's forest journal.  She put spaces between her words.  The spaces are nice and wide.  She spelled the sight/buzz words right!  She used colors to make it look nice.
This is Bubbly Black Bear's forest journal.  His words match his picture.  He put spaces between his words.  He also put a period at the end of the sentence.

During playtime we made a snowman!  Brave Barred Owl, Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse, and Decisive Deer worked on the head.  At the end of the day one friend knocked the head off of the snowman.  We felt sad.  That friend said sorry and we worked together to fix the snowman.
We finished our snowman!

Some of us were walking on a balance beam.  Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander almost walked to the end of it.

Decisive Deer was scooping the bird seeds into the bird feeder.

Some of us were taking the sap buckets off of the trees. 
We were looking at the sap and measuring the temperature after we put it in a pot.  Next we put the thermometer in the snow to compare and the temperature went way down.
We got to taste some maple syrup!  We boiled the sap and it was really bubbling.  After it was boiled it tasted yucky to some of us and delicious to others.

Mrs. T read a story to us while we were eating lunch.  It was about a little boy who gave bears his clothes.  And it was about pancakes!  We might make pancakes next week.

It was 40 degrees outside.  It was a GREAT day.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Animals in Winter

Even though our presentation was delayed because of the snow storm, we were still able to share about what animals do in the winter!  

In the weeks leading up to our presentation, students chose an animal and researched what it looks like and what it does in the cold winter months.  They made masks and posters that displayed the information that they had collected.  After learning a song about hibernation, migration, and adaptation, students helped to create movements to go along with the words of the song.

We were all proud of the performance and loved that our buddies and other kindergarten friends could come watch!

Please enjoy our presentation about animals in winter:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, March 7th

The day that...
We tapped trees and made grilled cheese.

We started the day with our journals.  Brilliant Box Turtle wrote "I hope to see scat."  He left spaces between his words. 
Wise White Footed Deer Mouse wrote I hope to see a snake.  He made a beautiful detailed drawing and his picture matches his words. 
Enthusiastic Eastern Newt wrote " I hope to see tracks." He drew a fox and its burrow.  He left spaces between his words. His letters are big so we can see them. 

This is wise woodpecker.  We had to find three things that matched Mrs. T's.  When we found the things, we could go and play.  The game was called duplicate.

We were making the steam flow.  Bubbly Black Bear and Eastern Redback Salamander are making the dam flow.
Responsible Red Fox, Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse, and wise woodpecker were placing sticks.  They were trying to make the bridge more balanced.  We were getting little sticks and Woodland Jumping Mouse found a big log.  

We ate grilled cheese sandwiches today.  We made them in the forest.  We used bread and cheese and we grilled them over the fire. The griddle burned the bread a little bit. When we tasted them it tasted good. It tasted different from grilled cheese we have had at our house.

 In one station we were looking for things that started with different letters.  We were sounding out things in the forest. Brilliant Box Turtle is showing us his zipper. Zipper starts with Z.  
This is a picture of a pine cone.  Pine cone starts with P.  We are making a Forest Kindergarten Alphabet book.

 In another station we were looking for maple trees.  We found one and then Mrs. T asked us to spread out and find a tree that was not a maple tree. We had to tell her what was different about our tree.
Cheerful Chipmunk's dad drilled a hole in a tree.  No sap came out so we put a tap in.  We put a milk jug on the tree and when it fills up we can cook it. We will make maple syrup.

The temperature was 37 and then it changed to 41.  We had a good day.