Saturday, October 21, 2017

Forest Friday, October 20th

We have been working so hard to add details to our pictures.  Here are a few journal entries of what we were hoping to see or do in the forest.  Some of us tried to write the words ourselves by stretching out the word to hear individual sounds.  
We have learned the letters/sounds of lowercase a, b, c, d, f, g, i, m, n, o, s, t, and u.


Here we are at sit spots.  Almost all of us remembered exactly where our sit spots were.  We played by ourselves for a while and then we looked around for something that we noticed in nature. 

During play time we were all doing different things.  Some of us were running around and playing.  Some of us were collecting sticks for Mr. Sadowski's fire.  

We also found ticks in the forest today! Each of us got to see what they look like and then we put them in the fire.  They look like little spiders but they are flat.  (Please make sure to check your child for ticks each Friday after the forest!)
For snack we had some carrot soup. It was very hot so we had to blow on it and take our time eating it.  We got to have goldfish and croutons in it.  Some of us ate our whole bowl of soup (all of the adults did!).

In our learning station we learned how to pick up bugs and other creepy crawlies carefully.  We counted how many we had first by grouping them by 10's.  We had thirty bugs to find in the leaves!  When we found them we carefully helped them onto our hands and then made our hands into a little bowl.  We did not squeeze them or drop them.

At the end of the day we wrote in our journals again to tell about our day.  Some of us wrote about playtime, lunch, and what we saw while we were in the forest.

It was one of the most beautiful days that we have been in the forest with blue skies and colorful leaves all around us.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Forest Friday, October 13th

 "I hope to see pretty colors."
 "I hope to make a stegosaurus."
"I hope to see a T-rex."

Our journals looked great this morning!  We worked hard to listen to the sounds in words.  Some of us even wrote full words by ourselves.  We have learned the lowercase letters a, b, c, f, g, i, m, n, o, t,  and u.

During play time we played on the big rock.  Some of us slid down and some of us climbed up!

Many of us also found more salamanders under stumps and rocks.

For snack we made french fries but we called them Quechee fries!  Mr. Sadowski helped us cut potatoes from the garden.  Some were white and some were a magical purple!  We put the slices of potato into some oil on the fire.  We all tried them and liked them especially with a little salt.

After snack we did a leaf rubbing activity.  We had to find three different types of leaves and use a crayon to color and see the details of the leaves through the paper.  We may do this again during play time next week.

Before we went inside, some students acted out a story told by Mr. Sadowski about birds and how they live and grow.  It was funny to see our classmates pretend to be birds.

"I played on the big rock."
 "My friends played karate."
"I liked snack."

When we were inside we wrote about our day.  After being outside all day, we can add so many more details to our pictures.  We also know what we want to write about more quickly because we have new and fun ideas from what we have done outside!

We wore a lot of layers outside today.  Noble North American River Otter said that she felt like a marshmallow!  When we came out of the woods we were so much warmer because it was sunny.  We had a nice day.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Forest Friday, October 6th

Here are some of our journals.  We wrote in them while it was raining this morning.  Some of us helped Miss Wetzel write our words by listening for the sounds that we know.  So far we have learned the lowercase letters b, c, f, i, m, n, o, t, and u.

Most of us remembered where our sit spots were today!  We went straight there and sat quietly, looking for something that we noticed around us.  Then we got to share what we noticed with our friends around the fire.

The adults started our snack for us while we were inside.  They peeled and cut the apples for our apple crisp.  We used the apples that we had picked at Riverview Farm this week.  Once we were outside we mixed oats, sugar, cinnamon, and flour which we cooked over the fire with the apples.  Everyone tried some.  Some of us didn't like it but others loved it and had a second helping!

It was pretty slippery outside because of the rain but we still had a great time.  Some of us played with a rope and helped pull friends up the big rock.  Others pretend played like we were animals.  We also had fun raking leaves around our home base.
Since it was rainy we got to wear rain pants today!  
We had fun on this chilly fall day!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Soaring through September

Here is a glance into what we have been up to this month!

We started the year with a search for the gingerbread man that we made as a class.  While we were in specials that tricky cookie jumped out of the oven and left us clues to follow around the school!  We finally found him after two days of searching in Mrs. Newton's office.  And then we got to eat him!  He was very tasty.

As a class, we came up with a list of rules that we can follow while we are in the classroom.  We took pictures to help us remember what the rules are and put them on a poster that we all signed.  Our rules are:
1. to pick up after ourselves
2. to use whole body listening
3. to have safe bodies
4. to have calm, quiet voices

When students do expected behavior they can earn an "alphabit" token.  Once we collect 100 in our classroom we get to have a celebration!  We keep them in this chart to keep track.  So far we have had three celebrations!

Students also created Hopes and Dreams for the school year.  We put them in hot air balloons!

To help us focus throughout the day we do GoNoodle.  It's a great way to get our wiggles out!  Sometimes we stretch, sometimes we dance, and sometimes we sing.  Every time we do a video we make our Champion grow stronger.

Most days we get to do "Work Places" which are math stations that give us the chance to practice different skills.  We have been working on making patterns and counting by ones and tens.

In the afternoon we get to do more math in small groups.  We have been working on writing our numbers from 0-5.  Here we are having some number writing fun in shaving cream!

During our writing/science time students have been learning about the 5 senses.  We have done taste tests, drawn self portraits as well as many other fun activities!  Students know that we use our 5 senses every single day.  We have been able to do some writing activities as well.  Students have helped me write their ideas by listening to the sounds in words.  We have been learning the lower case letters t, f, b, m, n, i, and u.

We have also been heading into the forest every Friday!  Students have the opportunity to observe the natural world around them, make snack over an open fire, and learn in an always changing environment.  We have had such a fun time as a class so far!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Forest Friday, September 29th

We wrote about what we hope to see or do in the forest.  We helped Miss Wetzel write the letters that we know and listened for the sounds that we know (b, f, i, m, n, t, and u).

It was colder today so warming our hands by the fire felt really nice.  That is what Energetic Eastern Newt and Relaxed Red Fox are doing in this picture.  When we went outside it was 50 degrees.

For snack we made zucchini steaks.  We cut slices of zucchini and grilled them over the fire with oil, onion, salt, and some cheese!  Everyone tried some.  Some of us loved it and had several pieces.

We went on an adventure hike after our play time and snack.  We used our 5 senses to observe what was around us (especially our sense of sight and our sense of hearing).  We did this so that we would know what to draw and write about in our journals when we got inside.

Some of us found different treasures like ferns, acorns, and oak tree branches which still had leaves and acorns attached!  It was a sunny and beautiful day.  We are so happy that we get to spend time in the forest.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Forest Friday, September 22nd

These are pictures of our journals from the morning.  Students helped to write the words by listening to the sounds in words and writing the letters that we have learned so far (t, b, f, m, and n).

This is a picture of our sit spot time.  We go to a spot that is all our own and observe what is happening around us.  When we go back to the fire to meet as a whole group we share something that we have noticed with one of our five senses.

During play time we were finding little creatures again.  There were a lot of salamanders!  We are practicing how to hold them carefully.  Some of us helped hold the creatures together.  Next week we are hoping to practice our careful handling of the creatures with a lesson with bugs!

For snack, Mr. Sadowski took us through the garden to collect beans.  We pinched the ends off and put them over the fire.  Some of the beans were green and yellow.  Some of the other beans were purple and magic.  After we boiled the beans we found that there were no purple beans in the pot!  Just like magic, the purple beans had turned green.

After play time we went to stations.  In Miss Wetzel's station we made patterns with different materials around the forest.  After copying a few patterns that Miss Wetzel made we got to make our own!

In Miss Robinson's station we went on a scavenger hunt to find different things around the forest!

In Mr. Sadowski's station we worked as a team to find different objects.  We made lots of collections and practiced listening to one another.

Even though it was warm we were a little cold in the forest.  It was only sixty degrees when we went out!  It was a fantastic day.