Friday, May 17, 2019

Forest Friday, May 17th

 "I hope to touch sap!" -Bashful Barred Owl
 "I hope to see a rainbow." -Expert Eastern Box Turtle
 "I hope to see grass." -Big-Hearted Beaver

We were expecting rain but were surprised when the sun started peaking out from behind some clouds!  It has been challenging to head outside for long because of the rain but we got to spend most of our time outside today.

After sit spots we fried plantains over the fire for snack.  We had mixed feelings about them but we all tried them and most of us liked them!  They were sweet and warm and very delicious.

After playing for a bit up on top of the hill we headed down to the flowing stream to play.  We brought out our rubber ducks and had races through the water.  The water was cold and we got wet and dirty but it was amazing fun!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Forest Friday, May 3rd

 "I like to play in the rain!" -Smiley Snowshoe Hare
 "I hope to see blossoms." -Adventurous American Robin
 "I hope to see a deer." -Warm-Hearted Woodpecker
"I hope to see a flower." -Expert Eastern Box Turtle

We began our day with journals and thought about what we would hope to see or do outside on a rainy day.  It was our goal to head outside as quickly as possible because we knew the rain was coming.

It was slippery and squishy on our walk up to our home base.  We were prepared in our boots, rain pants, jackets, hats, and even gloves.  During sit spots we were calm and quiet.  Some of us practiced meditating.

When we were sharing out our observations from sit spots it started to lightly rain.  We tried catching the rain in our mouths.  The rain got heavier and heavier as we were sitting and when we went to play the rain came down in sheets!  Luckily our tarp area gave us a spot to stay dry.  We were flexible and thought it would be a good idea to make our journey back inside.

 Even though it was very wet and a little cold we were glad to have had an adventure in the rainy forest!

When we were back inside we made some cheerio bird feeders.  We counted out 100 pieces onto ten frames and then carefully strung them onto yarn.  We will either hang them in for the forest or maybe even outside of our classroom on a nearby tree.

In the afternoon we read Salamander Sky by Katy Farber.  It was perfect for today since it was rainy and we got to see some salamanders under rocks before we took cover from the rain.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

All About April!

Here is a glance at what we have been up to this month!

We've been continuing with Math Menu as students arrive at school most mornings.  We have been working on number formation, groupings and counting, and combinations to five.

Lunch Bunch has been a blast.  We look forward to it each week!  You'll notice we've added some fancy touches such as candles (not actually real of course).

Ms. Keel comes in each Thursday to give us a guidance lesson.  We discuss the importance of speaking up when others are being unkind and how to stay safe at school and other places.  Sometimes we work on teamwork like in this photo.  We were trying to pass the hula hoop around the circle without dropping our hands.  It was tricky!

We have been making a lot of crafts that have to do with the earth and how to take care of it.  In the coming weeks we will be focused on spring, plants, and creating a memory book for our school year.

One afternoon we read Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco.  It was about a grandmother who helps her granddaughter overcome her fear of storms by collecting ingredients to make a delicious cake which is best to make in a thunder storm!  We had earned 100 "alphabits" so we had a crazy idea... what if we made Thunder Cake in our classroom??  We loved making it and then eating it and didn't even mind the secret ingredient which was tomatoes!

We've started planting and learning about what plants need to survive and thrive.  Soon we will be talking about plant parts and creating even more experiments.

During our time in the forest we have seen a lot of changes!  The ice has melted and we can see the bare ground, however it is still so chilly and a bit soggy due to rain.  We're glad to have rain pants and are looking forward to more adventures throughout the spring.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Forest Friday, April 26th

 "My eastern newt is in the puddle." -Expert Eastern Newt
 "The beaver is swimming." -Big-hearted Beaver
"A chipmunk got up the tree." -Cheerful Chipmunk

It was very rainy and wet today.  It was also rather cold.  We stayed inside but did a lot of work while thinking about the forest.  Our first task was to write a journal entry about our forest animal and what we thought they might do on a rainy day like today.

We have been celebrating the earth this week and Mr. Sadowski showed us a gigantic globe.  We tried to find where we live.
For snack we celebrated our Hawaiian day with some ham and pineapple.  We made little kebabs and ate them up!
We planted seeds today as well.  Soon we will learn about the plant life cycle and what plants need to survive.  Next week in the forest we hope to see some new plant life after all of the the rain that we're getting.
This week we have been celebrating the earth because of Earth Day.  We have done art projects and writing to share how we will help the earth.  Some of us want to pick up garbage, recycle, turn off lights more, and even donate toys to others!  The Lorax was inspiration for another project and we made truffala trees.  The Lorax inspires us to care about the world around us.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Forest Friday, April 12th

"I hope to see a fox [and an] egg." - Cheerful Chipmunk
"I hope to play tag." - Expert Eastern Box Turtle
"I hope to find an egg." - Moose

Our walk up was less slippery than last week but also very wet.  "Wetzel Falls" was had a lot of water flowing.  When we got to our sit spots we were able to stay put more easily because much of the gray ice had disappeared.

Before play time we took some time to clean up the forest space.  We put big sticks into our scrap pile.  Many of us worked as a team to pick up the big ones!

For snack we had boiled some eggs in the classroom.  When we got outside we dyed the eggs.  We got to choose which color we wanted our eggs to be.  The options were purple, yellow, green, blue, and orange.

We all tried them and most of us loved them!  With a little bit of salt they made for a delicious, filling snack.

On our way back inside we had an egg hunt around the forest.  We could find as many as five.  Once inside we found that there were pennies in the eggs.  We counted them up and traded five pennies for a nickel.  We shared our earnings with one another to have the same amount and then got to go to a pretend store to "buy" a fun little trinket.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Forest Friday, April 5th

"I hope to see my dragon egg." - Brave Blue Jay
"I hope to see sap." - Realistic River Otter
"I made a snowman. I made two of them." - Mindful Meadow Vole

It was very slippery in the forest!  We were careful not to walk on the gray because that was the most slippery.  Some of us did slide on the ice though just for fun.

During play time we also searched for dragon eggs that had been stored from the last forest day.  We keep them in protected places so that they are easy to find each week.

For snack we had different kinds of popcorn.  The popcorn was either cheesy or salty.  Some of us liked both but some of us only liked the salty.  We popped the popcorn in the classroom because we were not sure if we could have a fire or not.

We checked on the sap buckets that we hung last week!  Some buckets were full and others barely had any sap.  It had gotten so cold that the sap was frozen.

Before we went back inside some of us went on a hike.  On the hike we found many signs of deer.  There was scat, tracks, and fur.  We also took a look at things that were starting to grow, like fungus on trees!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Moving Through March

Here's a glance at what we've been up to in March!

Some mornings we begin our day with Math Menu!  Our most recent round of activities have included completing patterns, making puzzles, writing numbers, and making combinations to five.  Math Menu is such a highlight in our day!
We took on a big project at the end of winter.  Since we had drawn self portraits at the beginning of the school year, we revisited the project and drew ourselves again!  It is amazing to see the details in each drawing.  They are amazing!

We did another major project to brighten up the hallway after we went to a play at the Lebanon Opera House.  We watched "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and we wanted to make a bulletin board about "The Very Hungry Kindergartners"!  We imagined what we would eat if we were very hungry caterpillars.  Some would eat grilled cheese, grapes, and ice cream.
We write a lot in Kindergarten about a variety of things.  Sometimes we write about our weekends and other times we read a book and then write about it!

On Wednesdays we sometimes have "The Lunch Bunch".  A few of us get to have a fancy dining experience in the classroom.  We get to chat and practice polite lunching.
Once a week we have a Second Step lesson.  Mrs. Beland sometimes comes in to teach us and this picture shows her reading a book about some social skills that we are working on.  Lately we have been learning about how to recognize the feelings we feel in our bodies and how to express how we're feeling to others.  We also are learning about how to share and take turns.

During our regular math time we have been focusing on shapes.  We are observing, sorting, and recreating them in various ways (like with Popsicle sticks!).  It has been a fun time!
In math we are also working on making simple equations as well as counting forward and backwards to 20.

During the afternoon we have been doing art projects based on our science and social studies learning.  Our most recent project included a snowy scene with a maple tree and a sugar house.  We loved drawing and painting and it was fun to later go into the forest and actually tap maple trees!

We have been so happy to be back in the forest.  Some fun activities have included snowshoeing, cooking, hiking, and also tapping maple trees!  The snow is melting and spring has arrived so we are expecting to see some amazing changes in the woods over the next few months.