Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, January 27th

The day that...
we had bowtie pasta.

We had some bottles filled with colors and we could spray them on snow. We were painting and mixing different colors. We made sure to share the colors and made really pretty pictures. Some of the bottles ran out!

We also made snowmen! Miss Wetzel was making a snowman, Eastern Chipmunk was making a cat, and Jumping Mouse was making a dog! 

During playtime, some of us were playing beavers. Beaver was pretending to make stew. River Otter was the Papa and everyone all played different parts. They pretended to go to sleep and to go to work.

We ate bowtie noodles for snack. We put butter by the fire and cooked the noodles on the fire. The bowties tasted kind of like they had cheese inside.

In one station, we went for a hike and used our sense of hearing and our sense of touch. We heard cars, trees cracking, trees blowing, the fire crackling, and snow crunching. Some of us thought we even heard a bear! Some sticks felt soft and some trees felt rough. The snow felt soft and also squishy when we walked. We took a picture by a broken tree which had fallen over. Some of us looked at the other side of the roots and saw that the tree was really long. We also saw scat while we walked!

In another station, we were playing a math game where groups of people stood on a rock. For example, two friends were on a rock and two others joined them. We had to remember the math and figure out the answer. We also used dots with different colors to match the numbers, like 2 + 2 = 4. We used one dot for each person that was on the rock.

It was 37 degrees outside. It was a good day!

Written by: Beaver, River Otter, Eastern Chipmunk, Northern Shrike, and Jumping Mouse.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, January 20th

The day that...
we found lots of slides in the snow and ate banana bread outside in the winter.

On our way up, it was not so slippery. Some friends found signs that an animal had been walking around. They found a hole that looked like an animal had dug it! Today, for snack we had banana bread.

During play time, we were making a path for a ball to go down to two stumps at the bottom. We were using shovels to make the path. It didn't go all the way down, but it went down a little. We tried it a bunch of times.

This is us playing beavers. North American River Otter was playing the grandpa. Beaver is going fishing from her roof. She hoped to get a lot so she could eat them all up and then go to bed.

We were sliding down on the snow and that made a lot of trails and slides. Eastern Chipmunk and Eastern Box Turtle made them. Some friends joined in and played on the slides too! There were some special slides on one hill. They were really fast.

For stations, we read a story called The Mitten and we were acting it out. All of the animals wanted to be in the tiny, tiny mitten because they were cold. At the end of the story the bear sneezed and the animals went flying in every direction.

In another station we were making letters. We used sticks and wrote words in the snow. We pretended they were markers and pencils.

Today, the stream was frozen! Some of us slipped and even fell down. Some ice was not so solid so it was easier to get our boots wet. 

It was 22 degrees. Some people were warm and some people were cold. This was a good day.

Authors:Beaver, River Otter, Eastern Chipmunk, Raccoon, and Northern Shrike.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, January 13th

The day that...
we ate blueberry muffins and made snowballs.

Some of us were slipping everywhere when we walked up the hill. Everywhere was ice! Some of us did not slip. River Otter noticed that the stream was frozen in some parts and not frozen in others.

Some of us had trouble getting to our spots for sit spots. Beaver helped Woodpecker get to her spot by giving her a stick to pull herself up.

During play time, we played! We were slipping everywhere. It was hard to get up the hill. In the top picture, some friends were making cakes with snow. In the bottom picture a lot of people were sliding.

After play time, it was windy and the trees were moving a lot. We went back down to the school for stations!

In one station, we made snow angels like in the book The Snowy Day. We also made a snowball to bring inside! We were playing the themes from the book. Mrs. Minnucci shook a tree and snow fell all over us!

In another station, we were looking at snow with magnifying glasses. It was kind of hard to see. They were tiny even for a magnifying glass. In the bottom two pictures, we are making one! Snowflakes have six arms. Snowflakes fall from the sky. They have thousands of crystals in them. They don't grow when they reach the ground. They grow when they are in the air.

We did not slide all the way down the hill to go back to school. We walked on the road. It was 20 degrees today.

Written by: River Otter and Beaver

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, January 6th

The day that...
it was so slippery that we slipped everywhere we went.

For snack, we had chocolate chip muffins before we went outside.

We loved to walk through the snow. We tried not to play on the way. We kept slipping on the ice. Some of us slipped a lot.

We did a lot of playing. Northern Shrike built a fort and a snowman with some friends. Beaver and some others were working to get the ice off from all around the bear. They used some tools, like some ski polls, a shovel, and a hand drill. They didn't get all of the ice off because there wasn't enough time. Eastern Chipmunk was climbing up some mountains and sliding down.

While we were siting in circle, we were pretending the thermometer was a talking stick. We were holding it and we were talking. Northern Shrike noticed that there was rain and ice in the water gauge.
We had cups and ice trays that we poured water into. We let them sit until we went inside. When we looked at them later, the ones with less water froze! The ones that were filled more didn't freeze.

In one station we were pretending to hibernate. When we were bunnies we hopped because they don't hibernate. When we were bears, we were sleeping because they hibernate and don't wake up until they think it's warmer. 
We also read a story, Bear Snores On. We acted it out. There was a mouse, rabbit, badger, raven, and a wren that came into the cave of a sleeping bear. In one part, the bear sneezed and woke up.

In another station, we were finding tracks and footprints. We used a book about animal footprints and matched the tracks that we saw to the tracks in the book. White Footed Deer Mouse thought he found bear tracks. We decided to follow a deer first. Then we decided to follow a squirrel. We ended up finding a little brook. There was ice and some of us were sliding on it. Newt stood on the ice on the brook and accidentally fell in and got wet. Whoops! 

We cooked potatoes in the fire. We wrapped them in tin foil. The potatoes got burned. Mr. Lord showed us one of them and it crumbled in his hand. Some of the potatoes weren't all burnt. Some of the parts were still good! They were yummy!

On our way back, we were sliding down the hill. Some friends dropped some water jugs down the hill and they slid down. 

It was 18 degrees today. We had a snowy cold day. Some of us were kind of cold but also kind of hot because we were wearing warm layers.