Monday, April 30, 2018

All About April!

Here is a glance at what we have been up to during the month of April!

Each day we have Number Corner in the morning.  It is a time where we discuss the calendar, including the days of the week and how many days we have been in school.  We often talk about patterns, practice counting, and keep track of the weather for each month.  In this picture, we are discussing the pattern that we noticed presented on our April calendar.  It included forms of measurement: length, weight, capacity, and temperature.

This month we have been studying spring in science.  We have had fun making crafts having to do with weather.  
We have also started learning about plant life.  We learned about what plants need to grow: soil, water, and sun.  We got to create an experiment where we planted radish seeds (which sprout very quickly) in four different containers.  Each container was missing an important element to make a plant grow and the last container got all of the necessary elements.  Students also got to plant their own seeds, choosing between marigolds, wild flowers, and nasturtium.  We're excited to see what grows! 

Another spring activity that we are excited about is our chick project!  A guest teacher brought an incubator and many eggs that will grow and after 21 days... they will hatch!  We will be scientists next month and write, draw, and observe these eggs as they go through their developmental journey!

Through our math work we have been continuing to practice carefully writing our numbers.  We have also been writing out equations and sorting shapes by their various attributes.  Students have been practicing communicating these differences with specific descriptions and mathematical language.

Our creative and free play time has been made even more incredible with some new toys and activities!  We now have puppets, baby dolls, a cash register, and cars to add to our choice time activities.  We still enjoy painting, coloring, and building as well!

During our forest days we continue to explore and learn in the natural world.  Now that the snow has melted we are finding creatures, animal homes, and many new activities to keep our minds and bodies busy.  We have also been cooking amazing snacks which allow us to try things that we may not normally eat!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Forest Friday, April 27th

"I hope to see python (or snake) eggs." - Strong Snowshoe Hare
"I hope to see a turtle." - Bubbly Bobcat
"Robins lay eggs in April." - Magnificent Moose

We looked at a nonfiction book called Naturally Curious today.  It is a book that shows different happenings in nature that can be seen during each month of the year.  We looked at the month of April and the type of plant and animal activity that would potentially be happening.  Some of us hoped to see various creatures and some of use hoped to see signs of animal activity.

Before heading into the forest we stopped at the garden.  Friends who are participating in garden club have helped to clear the garden and we know that it will look so different by the end of the school year.  We are hoping to try different, delicious treats from the garden soon!
We also found a daffodil that had bloomed!  It was very beautiful and as we hiked to our home base we passed it through our line so that everyone could hold it.

Our sit spot time has gotten so quiet and peaceful.  We are really taking the time to notice changes in our environment using our five senses.  Some of us noticed the sun shining, buds on trees, spider webs, and the feel of natural materials around our sit spots.

During play time we did a lot!  In the log cabin, some of us pretended we were feeding horses in a barn.  We cleaned it out and gave food to the classmates who were pretending to be horses.  Many of us played by the stream today.  We climbed fallen trees, looked for salamanders, and even got to water color paint using the water from the stream!

For snack we tried something new.  We peeled, cut, and fried plantains over the fire.  After adding some salt we ate it and almost all of us loved it!  Even though they look like bananas, they are savory and almost taste like potatoes or potato chips!  Yum!

Although the forest tired us out we wrote in our journals once again to finish our day!  We reflected on the time that we spent outside by writing and drawing about one highlight of the day.

"I saw a salamander." - Mannered Meadow Vole
"I painted in the stream." - Wonderful White-Footed Deer Mouse
"I moved a log." - Brave Barred Owl

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Forest Friday, April 13th

"I hope to climb a tree." -Brave Black Bear

"I hope to find birds." -

"I hope to play the pony game." -

We are continuing to do good work in our journals.  In these journals you can see that we remembered finger spaces, how to spell sight words, and also that we stretched the words out to hear the letter sounds.

Our sit spot time was quiet and reflective.  We focused on what we noticed with our senses and when we came together in the circle we shared one observation that we made with one of our five senses.

During play time we were very adventurous.  Some of us went on a search for salamanders.  We helped one another find them and then practiced taking turns holding them carefully.  Others played on a very steep hill, sliding and practicing balance.  While we were walking through the woods we noticed stumps that made us taller and mushrooms growing on logs.

For snack we ate classic grilled cheese with a twist.  The twist was maple bacon!  We got to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day a day late.  Grilled cheese is certainly a favorite for many.

Forest Friday was a great way to end the week before vacation!