Friday, September 29, 2017

Forest Friday, September 29th

We wrote about what we hope to see or do in the forest.  We helped Miss Wetzel write the letters that we know and listened for the sounds that we know (b, f, i, m, n, t, and u).

It was colder today so warming our hands by the fire felt really nice.  That is what Energetic Eastern Newt and Relaxed Red Fox are doing in this picture.  When we went outside it was 50 degrees.

For snack we made zucchini steaks.  We cut slices of zucchini and grilled them over the fire with oil, onion, salt, and some cheese!  Everyone tried some.  Some of us loved it and had several pieces.

We went on an adventure hike after our play time and snack.  We used our 5 senses to observe what was around us (especially our sense of sight and our sense of hearing).  We did this so that we would know what to draw and write about in our journals when we got inside.

Some of us found different treasures like ferns, acorns, and oak tree branches which still had leaves and acorns attached!  It was a sunny and beautiful day.  We are so happy that we get to spend time in the forest.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Forest Friday, September 22nd

These are pictures of our journals from the morning.  Students helped to write the words by listening to the sounds in words and writing the letters that we have learned so far (t, b, f, m, and n).

This is a picture of our sit spot time.  We go to a spot that is all our own and observe what is happening around us.  When we go back to the fire to meet as a whole group we share something that we have noticed with one of our five senses.

During play time we were finding little creatures again.  There were a lot of salamanders!  We are practicing how to hold them carefully.  Some of us helped hold the creatures together.  Next week we are hoping to practice our careful handling of the creatures with a lesson with bugs!

For snack, Mr. Sadowski took us through the garden to collect beans.  We pinched the ends off and put them over the fire.  Some of the beans were green and yellow.  Some of the other beans were purple and magic.  After we boiled the beans we found that there were no purple beans in the pot!  Just like magic, the purple beans had turned green.

After play time we went to stations.  In Miss Wetzel's station we made patterns with different materials around the forest.  After copying a few patterns that Miss Wetzel made we got to make our own!

In Miss Robinson's station we went on a scavenger hunt to find different things around the forest!

In Mr. Sadowski's station we worked as a team to find different objects.  We made lots of collections and practiced listening to one another.

Even though it was warm we were a little cold in the forest.  It was only sixty degrees when we went out!  It was a fantastic day.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Forest Friday, September 15th

Here are some photos of our morning journals! Everyone is working to add many details to their illustrations.  They also used realistic and careful coloring.  Students helped an adult with their sentence by listening for the letters in words that we have learned this week (t, b, and f).

We found more creatures today.  Worms, salamanders, and frogs oh my! Many students were exploring the woods to find these creatures during their play time today.

We were lucky enough to have corn for snack.  We cooked it over the fire and added some butter and salt.  Everybody tried it and liked it!

Students tried outdoor learning stations for the first time today.  In Mr. Sadowski's station students made collections of treasures in the forest including rock crystals and colorful leaves.  In Miss Robinson's station students listened for sounds in the forest and then tried to copy and recreate those sounds.  In Miss Wetzel's station students created their forest names that they will have for the rest of the school year.

We also read a little more about corn.  From popcorn to corn on the cob we have had such delicious snacks so far!  

Here are some favorites from the forest today:
“I liked when I was up on the rock in my sit spot. I saw a butterfly and a salamandar.” ~Magnificent Moose
“I liked playing with the teachers.” ~Mannered Meadow Vole
“I love trees that grow very high to the sky.” ~Relaxed Red Fox
“I like hiking up the hill.” ~Energetic Eastern Newt
“I loved the corn.” ~Bubbly Bobcat

We are looking forward to another fantastic day in the forest next Friday.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Our First Forest Friday, September 8th

The day that...
we ate popcorn!

Here are some of our forest journals from today.  We drew pictures of what we were hoping to see when we went into the forest.  An adult wrote our words.  We are working on adding details to our pictures.

On our way up we stopped at the amphitheater.  We learned that we should not run in the forest.  We also learned that we are careful with our friends. 

Here we are around the fire.  We were sharing about what we noticed in our new sit spots.  We also got our forest animal names today!

This is Barred Owl on the left.  He found a worm!  He thinks it's adorable. It was on the ground and it was broken.  He thinks it will grow back.  A lot of us found worms in the forest today!

During play time we played with a rope.  You can use it to climb up a big rock.  The rope helps you get up and helps you get down.  Some of us played with friends and climbed trees.  Some of us climbed big rocks.

For snack we had popcorn!  It popped!  We cooked it over the fire.  It tasted good.  It's the world's greatest popcorn!

We walked back to school in a line without any issues.  We also stayed in our spots.  We walked back inside nice and quietly.

It was a good day.  We used sticks but we made sure we didn't point them at other people.  We are still practicing how to use sticks safely in the forest.

Written by the students of KW!