Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, September 30th

We were out in the forest today.

We were in the woods making a bathroom in case someone needed to go to the bathroom outside.
We put sticks all over.
We needed sticks that were large enough. We put the little ones in a pile on the side.
Mrs. T had a "measuring stick". If they were taller than her stick they were long enough.

The water in the stream got bigger and faster because it was raining!  When we went over the bridge and went to the end of the stream, it was even higher than last time!  When you are patient, the water can fill a lot of space. The bridge is high enough that the water will not go over it.

Wood Turtle says that when the water drops it sounds like drums.
When Blue Jay felt the rain on his head it felt like little balls were falling on his head.
Eastern Box Turtle said it felt like hail.
White Footed Deer-Mouse said it felt like showers all over the place.

We did some station work inside.

In Mrs. T's group we read about our new forest animals in our book, Naturally Curious.  These are our forest names and we will keep them all year!
Red Squirrel said we were finding our animals in the book.  We were finding out when they come out and what they eat and looking at pictures of them. Some of the animals were silly and some were not.

In Miss Wetzel's station we looked at some objects and thought about their sizes, shapes, and colors.  We were drawing our objects.  The acorn top was the same as the circle. 


We used a thermometer to see how cold it was outside and a rain gauge to see how much rain fell.

Boy, was it soggy out there!

This story of the day was written by the students of K-W and transcribed by Mrs. T.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, September 23rd

We spent our second day of "Wednesday in the Woods" enjoying the first official day of fall!

As we walked to our home base at the top of the hill, we gathered special objects that we would use to conduct an experiment. 

Some objects that students chose: leaves, sticks, pine cones, and rocks. Students made a prediction. Would their object sink or float? Many were surprised by the results.

In addition to science, students explored their surroundings and learned certain bird calls that we will use for directions, like when we need to come together and meet.
Some students looked at forts that had been built.
Others decided to make their own forts with materials that they found around the forest.
Still more worked at climbing a steep rock with the help of friends.

Once we were back in the classroom, we took another look at the materials that we had collected outside. In our forest journals, we drew a picture and recorded the results of the experiment that we had done at the beginning of the day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, September 16th

We spent our very first day in the woods this week! Students put on layers for the chilly, September morning and we stepped into the woods for an adventure.
One of our tasks included an investigation of apples.

How are they different? How are they similar?
We sorted our apples by their differences and similarities and then finally did a taste test. One thing was certainly the same for all... They were delicious!

After our snack, we took a walk and further explored the woods that we will be spending our time in for our Wednesdays in the Woods.

Some memorable quotes from the morning:

As students were sampling pieces of their own and a friend's apple we asked if the apples tasted different.
"Well, one tastes very juicy and the other one tastes like protein!"

Students were looking around and exploring their surroundings and as one student looked under a large rock, he exclaimed:
"That is something I have never seen before!"