Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, April 27th

The day that...
We ate pancakes and used tools to measure.

We played a game this morning.  It was called "Nesting Bird" and it was inspired by the book we read last week.  One person stands in the middle.  Mrs. T taps one of the people on the outside of the circle to be the Nesting Bird (while the guesser in the middle closes his or her eyes).  The nesting bird is quiet but all the other people make bird sounds.  The guesser has to guess which person is the nesting bird when they open their eyes.  

We were sitting in circle for morning meeting.  The reader always reads the thermometer.  The thermometer tells us what the temperature is.  Eastern Raccoon read the temperature - it was 49 degrees.  The fire was hurting Red Squirrel's eyes so he moved to a different place.

In this picture we are making pancakes.  Newt and Northern Shrike are watching Mrs. T. The pancakes were super yummy even though Mrs. T forgot to bring the maple syrup!  We used a cookbook to find the pancake recipe.  A cookbook is a non-fiction book.  That means it is true!  We used tools for measuring when we were cooking.  We used a measuring cup and measuring spoons.

Red Squirrel found an acorn that was a plant. He decided to bring it home so he could plant it.  An acorn is a seed.  We think that maybe the plant starts growing and when it gets to the acorn top it pops the top off.  Or maybe the seed waits for the top to fall off in the dirt and then it grows its roots. 

We found a stick that has a couple of little lines in it.  We think an animal or a person carved a secret message in it.  You can't see the lines unless you look closely.

This is lunchtime in the sunshine!  We read Miss Rumphius today. Barbara Cooney wrote the book and drew the pictures too!  She must be very talented.

This is a picture of Mrs. T's station today.  We had a math question to solve.  After all of the children had answered a question we played with rubber ducks in the brook!  American Robin was feeling happy.  He was looking for a stick for Mrs. T.  "I was leaf fishing," he says.

This is Miss Wetzel's station.  She made us balance things like tree cookies or leaves or sticks.  Newt and Blue Jay and Wood Turtle got the biggest one.  They put a tree cookie on each side and then had to add a whole bunch of leaves so that their plank would be flat.  When we measured leaves by putting more and more on, it didn't move a bit.  Leaves must not be heavy enough.  They must be zero pounds. Tree cookies and sticks and rocks were heavy.  We thought a big rock would match a big stick but when we put Eastern Chimunk's stick on the rock was heavier than the stick.  We could tell because the stick was up and the rock was down.

On our way out of the forest we saw a trout lily.  It was a blooming one.  Trout lilies are yellow.  We thought it looked like a tiny banana that was peeled open.  Trout lilies are wild flowers.

We had a great day.  We loved having pancakes.  It was crisp but sunny.  Some visitors came at the end of the day.  We hope that next week it will be even warmer!  But even if it's warmer, we still want to have lunchtime in the sunshine.

The End.

Written by Easter Chipmunk.
With some help from Red Squirrel and some others.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, April 20th

The day that...
We listened to sounds.

We are making pictures of the creatures that might have made the sounds that Mrs. T played.  One student drew a dolphin, another drew a beautiful bird.  Wood Turtle and Blue Jay both drew beautiful birds.  Mrs. T did not tell us what the sounds were - we had to guess.  When she finally told us, we found out that one of the sounds was birds, one of the sounds was geese and the third was the sound of frogs called peepers.  These are all spring sounds.

When we went outside we listened for birds.  This is a picture of us on our way out to the forest.  We are in the amphitheater.

We tried to climb on an old tree branch.  Some kids needed help. We were trying not to fall.  If we fell it was the next person's turn. When someone reached the top we gave them a cheer and an high five.  It felt really good to get to the top.  Mrs. T was proud of us for being brave.

Chipmunk's mom and little sister came to visit today.  Chipmunk's mom is a photographer.  She helped us take pictures so we can make a forest alphabet book.  This picture is f for feather.

This picture is Northern Shrike in a nest.  The letter n!

This is Box Turtle eating wooden watermelon.  This will be the picture for W.  

After play time, we had morning meeting. This student is wearing a worn out mitten.  The animals chewed through the top and made a nest out of it.  Just like The Mitten by Jan Brett!

This is a picture of us eating lunch on the rock.  It is different because we usually eat lunch by the fire.  We called it lunch time in the sunshine.

This is stations.  Friends were in teams of two.  They were writing words that ended with the same letters as the word that was on the front of the card.  We wrote words like map.  Beaver and chipmunk had the _in card.  They wrote shin and chin.  The words had the same ending.

We visited our buds again.  Some were pointy and some were round.  Today we saw our first green buds.  Red Squirrel has become our bud expert.  He likes to collect buds during play time.

We had a really good day.  It was 50 degrees.  It is supposed to get even warmer today!  It felt a little bit cold in the morning but at the end some students even took over their jackets because it got a little bit warmer.
The End.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, April 6th

The day that...
We drank hot chocolate.

Today we did a puppet show!  It was fun. 

We ate popcorn.  Miss Wetzel cooked the popcorn over the fire.  She had a black pan.  She put the popcorn in there and she shook it over the fire with her hands.  We saw the popcorn through the little holes and we heard it go pop, pop, pop, pop. When raccoon came back from his play area he heard it go pop, pop, pop.  He smelled it too.

Next we had hot chocolate.  We got seconds.  Red Squirrel burned his tongue on his seconds.  We made the hot chocolate with milk.  Mrs. T made us guess what our treat was going to be.  Her clues were: it is drinkable, it is sweet, it comes from cows, and it is hot.  Raccoon loved the hot chocolate.  Red squirrel thought it was yummy, too.  Eastern Chipmunk doesn't like hot chocolate.

Mrs. T was saying numbers.  If the number was bigger than 32 we would go fast and pretend to be rain drops.  If it was smaller than 32 we pretended to be snow.  When it was time to stand up, she said: "Evaporate!". 

In this picture we were pretending to be snow. She might have said "it is 25 degrees."

 We measured things that were 1 inch.  Then we looked for things that were 3 inches and 5 inches.

Newt is measuring a tiny, tiny stick.  He wanted to know if it was 1 inch or if it was 3 inches.  He can't remember now but Red Squirrel thinks it was 1 inch because we can't even see it so it must have been small.

We cut up some buds and looked inside them.  We had a handkerchief and we looked at buds on it.  We used tweezers, fingernail clippers, scissors, knitting needles and magnifying glasses,   

Some kids studied the buds during play time.  Eastern Newt and Wood Turtle wanted to work with Squirrel because he was using scissors to collect buds.  They decided to only take a few buds from each tree because they still wanted the tree to have life.  They only took the pointy ones because the little ones were not ready yet.

Today we had fun.  Box Turtle's Grampa came.  It was 41 degrees.  It was cold.

The End.