Friday, December 21, 2018


Here is a glance at what we've been up to this month!

We got to learn a little bit more about fire safety! We had a lot of questions and our fire fighter friend was very kind to listen to our stories.

During recess we have been having a blast in the snow. There are hard snowballs in the field that we enjoy climbing on and the icy hill has been great for sliding.

Our math time has been very productive. We have steadily been working through various stations which have been helping us to write our numbers from 1-10, order numbers, and build patterns. Other games have given us the chance to combine numbers within five.

This month we met two new magical friends! Their names are Poppy and Penny and they are our classroom kindness elves. Each day they left us a message. Some days we were given a kindness challenge while other days we were given special surprises. Some of our favorites included special holiday pencils and a skittle experiment!

Throughout the month we have been learning about various holidays that happen during December. We made crafts and played games and had a ton of fun!

When we were studying Hanukkah we played with dreidels. It was a lot of fun to learn how to play and to use our shiny "alphabits" as the tokens.

Our forest time was pretty cold but also pretty beautiful. We went slip-sliding to our home base each Friday and enjoyed exploring the space in a different way.  It's like a different world with snow which brings out so many different playing opportunities.

The last week before vacation was filled with Christmas crafts and lots of laughs. We had a cozy pajama day on our last day and watched the Grinch as a special treat.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Forest Friday, December 14th

The day that we slipped all over the place!

  "I hope to climb a mountain."
"I hope to play tag."

We worked hard on our journals today. We continue to work on stretching out of our words to hear sounds.  It's also important for us to take our time and write our letters carefully. We are becoming more and more confident with our writing.

There was ice everywhere we played. We tried to slide on the rocks but since there was much less snow than last week we got stuck in certain places.  Some of us were playing pretend in the cabin while others were finding chunks of ice around the forest.

For snack we helped to make donuts! We used crescent rolls and cut a circle out of the middle. Then we placed them in some hot oil that was heated over the fire. When they were cooked through we tossed them in a bad filled with cinnamon and some sugar. It was a warm, tasty treat.

When we came back inside we found treats inside of our shoes! We had learned that in some countries around the holiday season kids would find toys and treats in their shoes left by St. Nicholas.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Forest Friday, December 7th

The day that we played on icy slides!

 "I hope to play kitties in the forest."
 "I hope to see the stream."
"I hope to help Mr. Sadowski cook."

We came in ready to work this morning. Our Kindness Elves, Poppy and Penny, left us pencils to use and then take home! All of us decided to use our pencils to write our journal entries for the day. "When I look at the pencils I think of our elves!" It was such a fun way to get us to write this morning.

Our walk up was challenging in certain parts. The rain that we have gotten recently has coated the forest in a lovely layer of ice. We worked hard to crawl, pull, and push our way up to our home base.

The fire that we light serves several purposes each week. We love to use it to cook tasty snacks. We also use it to stay warm. It was necessary today! We couldn't keep our gloves and mittens off for long because we could feel the cold quickly.

There were some fun discoveries to be made while we were playing. EVERYTHING was coated in a thick layer of ice which made sliding even more fun! There were even icicles hanging off of the rocks.  Many of us spent most of our time climbing up and sliding down the steep rocks.

In the classroom we have been learning about Hanukkah! Since it was the fifth day of celebrating we made pancakes like last week. The difference was that we made potato pancakes - latkes! Before heading outside we all helped to mix and mash the potatoes so that we could cook them up over the fire.

Before heading inside we did some counting of our fingers! Since we all have ten we counted by tens around the fire and found out that there are 280 fingers between all of the kindergartners! We are getting more and more confident with our skip counting. This week was a little cold but we are already so excited to head back to the forest next week!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Now, more about November!

Here is a glance into what we've been up to in November!

When we arrive in the morning we look to see what morning work is at our seats.  Each table of students has the task of working with the materials that are set out for them.  Most tasks help to strengthen fine motor skills and by using big tweezers, large push pins, and clothespins we have a lot of fun! Other activities include making patterns, recreating a picture, or completing a dot-to-dot picture.

In literacy this month we continued learning our uppercase letters through learning centers and various activities.  We have used books, matching worksheets, and games to help us connect letters with the sounds that they make as well as sight words.  We have almost learned all of our uppercase letters.  Woohoo!

This month we were able to have more fire safety lessons.  We learned about the equipment that fire fighters use to stay safe in fires and what we do to stay safe from fire.

Each week we have a Second Step lesson and Mrs. Beland comes to help with. These lessons tackle important social and emotional topics ranging from behaviors in school as well as how to deal with big emotions.  Here is a picture of Mrs. Beland using our puppet friends Robert and Rachel to teach a lesson about how we each feel different feelings.

In science we have been focusing on the four seasons (specifically fall).  We did a lot of fun art projects that helped us remember the differences between the seasons. In this picture you can see our hand print trees which we decorated to look like one tree through each of the four changing seasons.

In the forest we have had the chance to take a firsthand look at the changes that happen during fall. Throughout November, as it got colder, we got to play in some snow and ice. We bundled up and realized that the fire is important for cooking but also for staying warm.
We like to do some literacy as well as some math outside. As pictured, we have made straight line letters with sticks and some shapes with our bodies!

For social studies we learned about traditions that we have during Thanksgiving. We made place mats which allowed us to show what we are thankful for. Some of us hoped to use them for our big meal on Thanksgiving!

We're looking forward to seeing what next month holds for us.

Forest Friday, November 30th

The day that we cooked pancakes.

"I hope to sled."
"I hope to see pancakes."
"I hope to have a fire."

We're continuing to work on stretching out our words to hear sounds. Our journal illustrations are becoming very detailed. We are very carefully writing our letters also.

It was chilly to sit during sit spots. It's always amazing to hear how quiet it is at that time. So many of us have mastered the meaning of sit spots, sitting with calm and quiet bodies so that we can notice what is around us.

During playtime we explored our log cabin and added pieces to make a roof.  Others found a large rock that made a perfect bench. Our large rocks are getting very slippery and have made amazing slides for us.

For snack we tried some pancakes with Vermont maple syrup. They were so tasty! We mixed up the batter and cooked them over the fire. Such a warm and delicious treat.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Forest Friday, November 16th

The day that we played in the snow!

 "I hope to see a snowman."
 "I hope to make a snowman."
"I hope to see a fire."

We came in late today because of the two hour delay.  As everyone arrived we wrote our journal entries to share how we were hoping to spend our time outside.  Since there was some fresh snow we were excited to play in it!

So many of us tasted the snow when we went outside.  Mr. Sadowski warned us against it (since animals tend to make a mess of the snow), but since it was newly fallen we couldn't help ourselves!

Our walk up the hill was slippery and fun. We're hoping to try snowshoeing when we get a little more snow.
Our fire area looked a little different when we arrived. The benches were covered in snow and we could barely see the fire pit at all!
Since it was a short day we got right to playing.  We pretended to be animals crawling through the snow.  Some of us slid off of the steep rocks which were slick.  Others were cleaning up our space with shovels.
When we came inside we enjoyed some hot chocolate with powdered donuts. What a treat! We even got to put some whipped cream on top!  Some of us dunked our donuts and that made them even better.

We can't wait to go back into the woods after our time away from school. It will be fun to see if it snows more while we are on vacation!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Forest Friday, November 9th

The day that we made shapes!

"I hope to see bugs."
"I hope to play kitties."
"I hope to see the fire."
"I hope to see trees."

This morning we wrote a journal entry about our hopes for our time in the forest.  Some of us thought of what we might play while others focused on what they might see.  Each of us stretched our words out and wrote the letters that we could hear.  We also wrote some sight words in our sentences that are in our Word Garden, such as "see" and "the"!

During sit spots we noticed that some of our painted rocks were not where we left them last time.  We wondered what might have happened to them.  Maybe an animal came along?  Maybe other friends might have played with them and forgotten to put them back?  Or maybe fallen leaves were covering the rocks?  
We shared what we noticed while we were in sit spots when we came to the fire.  Some of us noticed sticks that looked like dinosaurs.  Others heard the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees.

Before play time we were given the challenge of making our focus letters that we had been learning in the classroom.  We could make an M, N, W, or Y.  Since these letters have straight lines we were able to make them with sticks.  Here are some of the letters that we made.

During play time Mr. Sadowski let some of us use a wooden cup and ball toss game.  Some of us were able to get the ball into the cup!  It was very challenging.  Others played in the wooden cabin, protecting shiny stones.  Many of us ran around and built structures with large sticks.
Before lunch we split into groups to do some math work.  This week we focused on making shapes.  We started by making a triangle with sticks which has three straight lines.  Then we made a rectangle after we found another stick since rectangles have four straight lines.  We made the shapes again but this time we used our bodies!  We loved making the shapes, getting a picture taken, and then checking to make sure that we had made the shape successfully.

For snack we had tortellini and ravioli.  It was warm, buttery, and delicious.  We ate it all up!

It was a little chilly today but we were very thankful that it did not rain on us!