Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, January 31st

The day that...
we went slipping and sliding.

We made neck warmers out of fleece.  Some of us were reading books while we measured and Miss Wetzel cut the pieces of fleece.  The fleece was 19 inches wide and 18 inches long.  Once they were cut, we folded them up and brought them to Mrs. T.

We were sowing.  We used a sowing machine.  Mrs. Luca saved the day!  She found extra thread when we ran out.  After sowing them we put our initials on them so that we would remember that they were ours.

We stayed inside for a while in the morning because it was very cold and we wanted to stay warm.  So we wrote in our journals and made neck warmers!

When we went outside and walked up the hill it was very slippery.  It was very, very, VERY hard to get up.  Some of us made it to the top and had to wait for the rest of the group.  Some of us fell when we were walking.  Bubbly Black Bear helped Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander get up the hill.  When we stayed together it worked well.  It also worked well when we listened to Mrs. T and walked slowly.  We also grabbed onto trees and other things to help us get up the hill.

A bunch of us were struggling to get up and some people were not listening... but we made it!  It felt really good  when we got there.

In this picture the squirrel is eating from the bird feeder.  It was probably hungry and was taking some of the birdseed to keep for the winter.  

During play time some of us were using tools.  Sweet Snowshoe Hare was raking the leaves and Cheerful Chipmunk is scooping the snow.  Others were playing in the log cabin.

On our walk back inside we saw deer tracks!

It was 25 degrees today.