Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Celebrating 100 Days In So Many Ways!

We have been excited and waiting for the special day to arrive... 100th day!
It's hard to believe that we have already been in school for 100 days!  We were able to celebrate in a lot of fun ways.

Our first task was carefully coloring a 100th day crown.  "I am 100 days smarter!"  We could not be more proud to wear our crowns.

During snack time we made a 100 piece snack.  We organized the 100 pieces with a page full of ten frames.  We filled the ten frames with 10 cheerios, 10 marshmallows, 10 chex, 10 kix, 10 butterscotch chips ("Butterscotch chips smell like my mom's coffee!"), 10 goldfish, 10 raisins, 10 chocolate chips, 10 M&M's, and 10 pretzels.  It made a delicious trail mix!  It also made for a fun way to count by 10's!

When it was our official math time we did even more counting!  We were stringing fruit loops on yarn, separating each group into 10.  We needed to be extra careful to double check our fruit loops to make sure we had exactly 10 for each group.  Just like our crowns, we wore our fruit loops proudly after we finished counting out exactly 100! 

We had each brought in a collection of 100 things.  They were displayed for all to see.  It's fun to see what everyone brought!

It's really too bad that Miss Wetzel was home sick on 100th day...  HOWEVER we had a lot of fun with Granny Wetzel who was our guest teacher for the day and she is actually 100 years old!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Just a bit about January

Here is a a look into what we've been up to in January!

In kindergarten we are working hard on writing our letters and understanding the sounds that the letters make.  When it is writing time we first sit as a whole group and work together to write a sentence.  Some help write letters or even some words! 

When we write we focus on...
- Starting our sentences with an uppercase letter
- Using lowercase letters throughout our sentences
- Putting spaces between words
- Adding a punctuation mark at the end of the sentence
- Making sure the picture has a lot of details and careful coloring

In addition to our whole class writing time and our literacy groups, we play literacy games.  We have played Memory and Shoots and Ladders with lowercase letters, Bingo with letter sounds, and Go Fish with consonant-vowel-consonant words.  Games can be the best way to learn sometimes!

When we have snack we get to chat with friends who sit at our table.  We have been practicing good snack time etiquette by chatting with quiet voices, staying in our seats, and cleaning up after ourselves.  We are having way less milk spills than we used to have at the beginning of the year! :-)

This month we have had some of our recesses inside because of rain and freezing temperatures.  We don't always like to be cooped up inside but we try to make the most of it!  We love to paint and color but a lot of us choose to build as well.  We use our creative ideas to make towers, automobiles, and even robot helmets.

During our science time we have been learning about winter.  At first we focused on weather, learning about the water cycle and what the temperature needs to be for water to freeze.  When we were learning about snowflakes, students made several different versions.  We even cut snowflakes for decorations.  We know that each snowflake is unique.  
Recently we have been talking about what animals do in the winter.  Hibernation, migration, and adaptation, oh my!

In STEAM this month students have been crafting and creating a carrying device that Jack can bring up the Giant's beanstalk!  After several sessions of planning and constructing, students got to test their creations with an actual egg!

We are lucky enough to have the ski program at our school.  Some students in KW have participated and are having such fun.  While the skiers are away, the rest of the students stay at school to play and explore.  It is a great way to end the week!

Students continue to earn "alphabits" for expected behaviors in the classroom.  We have had several more celebrations but I believe that everyone can agree that pajama day is one of our favorites!