Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, March 30th

The day that...
we found all the things that were different.

We were in the amphitheater.  Mrs. T counted to ten and we had to find an object. We closed our eyes and Mrs. T put a scarf over the objects and made one disappear.  We had to try to guess which object was missing.

Wood Turtle and Blue Jay were building a pirate ship.  We had to use a lot of sticks and we had to make sure the rectangle shaped wood wasn't wobbling.  Wood turtle had a plan to put another log under there.  It was still wobbly!  We took a big tree down and put it underneath.  We had to use a lot of sticks to make the pirate ship how we wanted it.   

Northern Shrike wasn't feeling so well today.  Mrs. T invited her to write with special markers during play time.  We practiced our sight words.  When we had written all of our sight words we made a list of words that rhymed with cat.  Some other kids thought it looked like fun.  Newt, Red squirrel wrote with us for a long time. Eastern Chipmunk, Box Turtle, and Woodpecker joined for a little while too.

During play time we went on an excursion with Miss Wetzel.  We checked the tree sap.  Some of it was frozen.  We tasted it.  It was cold. 

During work time we had a sight word race. Miss Wetzel clipped the sight words on a string between two trees.  We ran to grab a word and then we brought it back to Miss Wetzel.  The picture looks fuzzy because we were moving fast!  Two people ran at the same time to grab a word.  We were running fast because it was a race.

Here is a picture of some more students going fast!  Some of our sight words are: see, a, to, and, is, so, we, and my.  And is a sight word too!

In our other station we looked at bud pictures from last week.  We had to match the buds in the pictures with the buds in real life.  We were making observations.  We were comparing.  We wanted to see if the buds were the same or different from last week. We found that most of the buds were the same as they were last week.  They looked similar.

Only one of the tree buds that we looked at was up high.  Ms. Carmen pulled it down for us so we could take a closer look.  That one was Blue Jay's favorite.  That one was the only one that had little flowers on it.  Many of the others were pointy.  We think that flowers or leaves will come out of the buds.  This is our prediction.

This was a good day.  The temperature was 37 degrees.  

The End.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, March 23rd

The day that...
we ate squash.

On the way out to our forest classroom we heard birds.  We stopped and got very quiet.  We looked for them and we saw them.  There was a group of birds perched on three trees.

White footed deer mouse picked up a stick and hung his lunch on it.  A bunch of other kids thought that was a good idea and decided to do it too. We went outside today in two groups.  The first group got to take some extra time.  The next group was running to catch up with them.

This is snack time.  Jumping mouse was asking white footed deer mouse if he could put a stick over his lap.  White footed deer mouse said yes.  We had three snacks today!  The first one was donuts.  We had those inside.  We had chocolate chip banana bread.  Later we had squash.  Everybody tried it! Red Squirrel, Eastern Box Turtle and Eastern Newt did not like it. Beaver, White Footed Deer Mouse and Wood Turtle didn't think they would like it.  They only tasted a teeny tiny bit.  They did like it!  They asked for more. Some words we use to describe the taste are: good, smooshy, bad, great, sweet, yummy,  Newt said it tasted like pumpkin.  It looked like pumpkin too.  The seeds looked like pumpkin seeds.  We are drying out the seeds.  We will plant them next week.

After snack the class had playtime and played with tree cookies. These students were climbing up a dead tree and it was still up because it was sturdy on the cliff.  Red squirrel and Box turtle climbed so far to try to reach the top.  Then they slipped and they jumped. 

Three students went on an excursion with Miss Wetzel.  We found a mouse that had been swallowed by an owl!  We saw white and we were sure that it was mouse bones.  We could see the bones poking out.

We had a sight word Easter egg hunt.

We found Easter eggs and opened them.  Inside were sight words.  There were 12.  We put the letters on the outside of the eggs together to match the capital and lower case letters.

In Mrs. T's station we talked about buds.  We labeled them and took photographs.  We will check them again next week to see if they have changed.  We compared the buds to see how they were alike and different.

Our thermometer said 50 degrees.  We think it may have been broken.  It felt colder than that!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, March 16

The day that...the Runnals came again and we cooked maple syrup.

We are rolling tree cookies down during playtime. We named one of the tree cookies Moochie. We have a whole imagined story about Moochie the tree cookie.

She is making a squirrel house.

We are cooking the sap into syrup and the popcorn at the same time.

We were eating muffins and they had green in the middle from a Leprechaun! We think the Leprechaun might have touched the muffins and put zucchini in them!

This is a book about Elmer, and in Miss Wetzel's station we were acting it out. Elmer is a patchwork elephant and two people were being Elmer at a time and we took turns. Some people got to be the other creatures in the jungle too. We switched the characters we were pretending to be. It was a little icy at the space where we did the play, but there was no snow.

Mrs. Minnucci shouted out a word and we had to find the beginning letter or ending letter sound. Raccoon found a few letters by a tree. The letters were on the ground and you had to walk or run to them. Mrs Minnucci called out words that had to do with maple syrup.

We are eating lunch by our fire. Mrs. Minnucci has maple syrup in her hand and she is measuring it with a thermometer. You know it is syrup when it is 219 degrees. We tasted it. It tasted like maple syrup, just not quite as sugary. We didn't get it cooked all the way to syrup today.

These are glasses of light looking and dark and darker maple sap. This is how it goes at a maple factory. It goes from very light to a little bit darker to darker to dark. The one on the left is the sap straight from the tree.

We have a spoon in our hand and we had maple syrup on a special kind of snow (generously made for us by a connection at Dunkin Donuts using their ice machine!) We poured the syrup on the snow. The snow is to cool it off so we can eat it.
It was a great day! It was 55 degrees in the morning, we stayed out as late as we possibly could!
Beaver, Box Turtle, Wood Turtle helped to write this. They say their favorite part was eating the syrup we made!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods March 9, 2016

The day that...we tapped maple trees and found jeweled rocks.

During playtime when our friend got sad we built back her fort, and it ended well. Playtime was a long time today, maybe because it was so warm out, it was 54 degrees today.
We had popcorn for a snack, and then we went back to play. 
We made pretzels shaped like the letter in our name, the day before forest day, then today we ate them.
We were finding things we wanted to learn about. We had a sheet that asked what our item looked like, what it felt like, smelled like, and what you thought about it. We had to use describing words.
Here is a piece of hemlock.
An auger drill, or bit brace, is what we used to make a hole in a maple tree. 
We put a lid over the sap bucket so rain does not get in the bucket.
We are tasting the maple sap. It tasted like sugary water. Some of us also tried the light colored juicy wood, it was good to just chew for a bit like gum, not to really eat. It was good.
It was a hot and muddy day. We stayed outside all the way until art class.
Written by Beaver, Wood Turtle, Box Turtle, White-Footed Deer Mouse. Thank you to The Runnals Men who came to help with tapping!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, March 2nd

The day that...
we found cool crystals and awesome ice crystals.

It was a wet day again today.  /w/ /e/ /t/ wet.  We had our morning meeting inside and practiced counting by 5's. 

In Mrs T's station we were finding objects and we were making a word list.  We used describing words like silent, still and steady. Some more words to describe things outdoors are wet, rough, quiet, loud, humongous, small, tiny, peaceful, gargantuan, wobbly, sloppy, floppy, slippery, wiggly and teeny tiny.

With Dr. C we made some Flying Foxes on a piece of string.  We hooked them on a piece of string and they went fast. Dr. C twisted the paperclip so we could hook it on the string. Some foxes did not go fast.  We had spools of thread with no string on them.  We taped more on to make it go faster.    

With Miss Wetzel we did Fundations. We tapped out words. We practiced upper case letters and lower case letters.

We had lunch and snack inside and then we headed into the forest.  We were walking.  It was slushy.

There was snow on our way out.  On our walk up, some of us played a game.  We pretended that the water was poison and we couldn't step in to water or on the ice.  We were trying to step from rock to rock.  We were playing lions.  River Otter was the king lion and Box Turtle, Beaver and Eastern Chipmunk were the baby lions.

We had sit spots together today.  Under the tarp.  We were quiet for 3 whole minutes.  Silent.  Box Turtle heard the wind and it sounded like a bear to her - many children agreed that the wind sounded like a bear.  It was special because it was raining and we heard fun sounds.

There was ice at the waterfall.  Red Squirrel tried to block the waterfall. Many children wondered where the water came from.  Next week we might follow it and find out.  Some kids crossed a bridge over the brook.  The bridge was a log that fell over the water.  Some kids thought it was a bridge and others thought it was a tunnel.  

Today it was Dr Suess' birthday!