Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday Among the Trees, December 20th

The day that...
it was so cold we went outside later.

Today it was so cold in the morning that we needed to adapt.  It was icy and cold outside,  We stayed in and did the things we usually do on days that are not forest like morning meeting and number corner.  We even did go-noodle.  The video we're doing in this picture is called tobata.  

Wise White Footed Deer Mouse's family brought us snack today.  It was strawberry and blueberry yogurt.  It was yummy.  Thank you deer mouse family!  That was delicious!

After snack we worked on our journals. Sweet Snowshoe Hare is drawing her picture.  Balanced Blue Jay is writing words.  Decisive Deer  wrote: we will see trees.

After writing we had stations.  People were peeling potatoes and carrots for stone soup. In the other station we were making decorations for animals in the forest.  They were for the birds. They were maid out of popcorn and cranberries.  They were way too sour for us to eat.  We wonder if the birds will eat them.  We will find out when we get back from vacation.

We brought our decorations into the forest.  We were wondering if animals celebrate holidays and have traditions like we do.  We put out a feast for the birds.  We also decorated.  These are some things that some of our families do at holidays.  They are traditions.

Other children were playing in the snow.  We slid down on our knees.  In this picture we were trying to get ourselves off the ground.  We wanted to get all the way to the bottom of the hill in the air.

It was 18 degrees out today.  It felt like it was 0.   

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday Among the Trees, December 13th

The day that...
our sit spots were covered in snow.

Today there was enough snow to eat. Today some of us made snow angels.  

Today when we walked out to the forest we had to climb a giant mountain of snow to get onto the TOOLS trail.

For some of us, it was hard to climb up to our base camp today. We had to look for easy ways to climb.  We used our hands and feet to dig into the snow and climb like a bear. 

At playtime Cheerful Chipmunk was pretending to shoot a rocket up into the air.  Other students were sliding in the slippery snow.  This student looks like she is climbing up.  She might also be scraping the snow off this rock.

Today we cooked pasta over the fire.  We ate the pasta while we listened to a story.  The story was about some missing eggs.  A really stinky skunk ate them and the mother grouse was very sad.  When mother nature found out that the skunk had snuck in the night to steal the eggs she gave him coat with white stripes so that he would not be able to sneak in his black coat again.  

Today with Miss Wetzel we had to guess numbers that make 5 and 10.  One said 5 + 1 = 6.  That does not make 10.  So, it was not a match.  We told her equations that did work!

In Mrs. T's station we were using 2 kinds of binoculars to see stuff that is far away from us.  We walked someplace high so we could see farther away but then we ran out of time and it was time for lunch.

It was really very snowy today.  We have lots of snow.  Yesterday we had a snow day.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday Among the Trees, December 6th

The day that...
it snowed for the first time.

This morning the students who were ready first got to go outside while we were waiting for everyone to get dressed.  We played in the snow. We threw snowballs and made snow angels.

Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander was our fire chief today.  He helped Mrs. T start our fire and helped call the fire department at the beginning and the end of the day.  We call the fire department to make sure it is okay for us to have a fire.  We call at the end of the day to let the firefighters know our fire is out.

Wise Woodpecker and Brave Barred owl are filling the bird feeder.  

We made a little sledding park so we could slide and we slid down it.  Brilliant Box Turtle is sliding down. Reliable Racoon, Bubbly Black Bear, and Eastern Newt are there too.  

Responsible Red Fox is playing with some of her friends.  They are making a big snow man.

In one station we matched equations to five frame cards.  Eastern Newt and Balanced Blue Jay are holding up cards that match.  Eastern Newt's card shows the five frame and Balanced Blue Jay's card says  4 + 1 = 5!  Wise White Footed Deer mouse is holding up a matching pair, too.    

In our other station today we read a story.  After we read, we followed the movements of the story.  We walked with our toes in and we walked with them out.  We made snow angels, too.  We dragged a stick to make a trail.  We pretended to climb mountains and stood on a rock.  We smacked the snow off a snow covered tree.

  Here we are warming our hands by the fire.  It was 39 degrees outside today.

Some of us stayed outside to eat lunch.  After lunch we had a snowball fight.  
Reliable Raccoon and Eastern Redback Salamander brought snow balls in from outside like the boy in our book.  They melted just like in the book!