Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, October 28th

The day that...
we had pumpkin cookies and hot cocoa.

We played a game about hibernating where we had to do all parts of the season.  One was scurrying around, one was hibernating, one was migrating, and one was adapting.  Adapting is when you change yourself so that you can hang around though the winter.

Jumping mouse was stuck in the pretend "toilet".  He just sat there and he got stuck.  Northern Shrike was helping him out. Newt was playing too.  They were playing mom and dad.   

We were having hot cocoa and we had marshmallows in it.  We had apples too.  We had to earn our marshmallows.  We had a cup and Mrs. T put marshmallows in our cup if we were sitting quietly.  We also did math to figure out how many more marshmallows you needed to make 5.  If someone had 3 marshmallows, they needed 2 more to get to 5. 

 In one station we were talking about The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything.  First we had to take the boots and go stomp stomp.  Then we had to take the pants and make them wiggle wiggle.  The shirt went shake shake and the gloves went clap clap.  The hat went nod nod and the pumpkin went boo boo!  Then they all turned into a scarecrow. We had to make the sounds and you had to wait your turn.  We were following the story. 

In Mrs. T's station we looked at a book about leaves and then we went to find leaves.  We took turns being the leader to find a leaf.  Once we found the leaf, we tried to match it with a tree.  We looked at our leaves and then we looked up to find a match.  When we found a match, we did a leaf hi five.

In this station we had a ruler and we found stuff that we could measure.  We marked how long it was on a chart. Blue Jay and Newt found a stick that was about as long as a ruler. A ruler is 12 inches long.  We measured how long things were in inches and the thing that was the highest was the most inches.

This is the chart we made in our station.

We had pumpkin cookies today.  Dr. C made them because we earned 100 alphabits.  They looked like real pumpkins but they tasted like cookies. Beaver said they tasted like cinnamon too.

We had fun eating the pumpkin cookies.  We are tired.  At the very end of the day it started to rain!

The temperature today was 41 degrees.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, October 21st

The day that...
We Ate Mystery Cake

The first thing we did when we got to our forest classroom was play and build a fire. In this picture, Beaver sat and had to hold on tight.  She was holding on to Jumping Mouse's shoulders.  He was pretending that the big long stick was a ship with a horn and a steering wheel. 

Today we were collecting things that started with the letters 'a' and 'g'.  We thought there were no words that started with 'a' but we found an acorn. For 'g' we found some grass and some green stuff. We also noticed that g-g-go outside starts with 'g'. 

We are sitting by the camp fire.  We had cake for snack. It was chocolate cake.  The mystery ingredient in the cake was z-z-zucchini. Deer mouse guessed it. 

[One memorable quote: "I've gotta have the recipe!"]

This cake was a treat because we earned 100 alphabits.  We get alphabits by doing things that are good, kind and helpful. 

After snack we did some work.  In Mrs. T's station we brought people to trees and they had to guess what tree it was. The person that was blindfolded needed to hold the other person's shoulders.  They felt the tree and the roots with their blindfold on.  Then they went back to the circle and took the blindfold off.  When we took the blindfold off we found the tree.

In this station, Miss Wetzel handed out the cards and we had to find another person with a picture on their card that rhymed with our own card.  We held the cards on our heads so we could find what rhymed with our cards. We read a rhyming book.  It was called Fox in Socks and it was written by Dr. Seuss. We sat by the fire for this station.

We shook out the water on the tarp.  We were cleaning out our shelter and taking good care of our space.  We were doing work. With Miss Wetzel we also tidied up the wood pile.

At the end of the day we did sit spots.  When we went to our sit spots we were calm and quiet.  Blue Jay noticed that the sky was not blue, it was white.  Deer Mouse noticed that more leaves fell off the trees.  Newt noticed a leaf falling off the tree and hoped he could catch it. We did not make a leaf pile today.  Maybe next week, we can. 

The temperature today was 60 degrees. River Otter felt a little warm and cold. Blue Jay felt a little bit not comfy when there were sticks on the ground.  Deer Mouse was warm - even kinda hot.  He was running. Newt felt that way too.

This is the end of our story of the day.  Our blog, pog, frog, fog. log, jog, nog, sog, tog, warthog.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, October 14th

The Day That We Made our First Fire 

It was really fun being out in the woods.  The first thing we did was go to our sit spots.  Red Squirrel noticed that at his sit spot, the sticks were covered up with so many leaves that it was making it hard to see the sticks that he put there.  Turtle saw baby birds calling to their mom.  One student noticed that there were not so many stumps at his sit spot. 

We had a fire outside today. We made a great big fire. We had to get sticks. We needed newspapers first. To start the fire we needed a match.  A match is very hot.  We put things in the fire to see if they would burn. We tried leaves and ferns.  The pine cone took a long time to melt. We could see the fire. Some times it was hard to look at. Blue Jay says when the smoke was going in his eyes, they were burning.  Sometimes we had to move spots to get out of the smoke. We could smell the fire, too.  Our clothes smelled smokey even after we came inside.  By the fire it felt warm.  When the air felt colder, the fire warmed us up. 

In this picture we are cutting up some apples to make apple crisp.  We used the fire to cook with. With a spoon we mixed together flour, oats, and sugar.  Then we put the apples in a dutch oven, put the flour mixture on top, and topped it all with butter.  

We put a pan of apples in the fire to make an apple crisp.  We put some hot sticks on it and then we waited.
When it came out of the fire, it was very hot.  We had to wait for it to cool down a little.  Some kids said they burned their tongues. Some kids did not like the apple crisp and some kids did.

We used the magnifying glasses to look at the leaf.  You don't put the magnifying glass too close. We saw veins on the leaves.  Veins in your body pump blood from your heart.  Veins in leaves pump water and food to the tree.

We put a leaf under our paper and rubbed the crayon back and forth to try to make a leaf picture.  We could see the leaf veins in our pictures.

We don't have a picture of our other station today.  Mrs. T would count and then we would go find things.  At the end we made a poem:

Forest Treasures

Coyote found some bark,  
it has a hole.
Eastern Box Turtle found a stick,
it has a special blue yarn.
Wood Turtle found a stick,
it looks like a key.
Otter found a leaf,
it is yellow and read.
Newt found a wooden circle,
it can roll.
Woodpecker found a leaf, 
It is yellow and black.
Blue Jay found a hammer,
it looks like a hammer.
Jumping mouse found a leaf,
it is very beautiful.
Bobcat found a stick,
it feels rough.
Squirrel found a piece of bark,
it has a little hole.
White footed deer mouse found a big stick,
I think it looks cool.
Chipmonk found a stick,
it has a rope.
Racoon found a leaf,
it has some cracks and holes.

Woodpecker fell down while she was playing.  Some of the other kids were hugging her.  They were being her best buddies.  Being a best buddy means taking care of someone when they need it.  

The temperature today was 60 degrees.  Some of us felt warm and others felt cold.  We wore jackets.  Some kids brought out gloves and mittens but they didn't have to wear them.  

We had fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, October 7th

The Day That We Made the Map

It was cold so we needed to wear a jacket outside into the forest to find some stuff.  We found different things in different colors and different things that we noticed.

We were cutting up the apples so that we could have some snack and we were cutting up the cheese so we could have some cheese too.  We learned how to use the knives safely. We went to the apple orchard last Friday and we picked the apples.  When we were at the apple orchard we saw a guy make apple cider.

While some kids made snack, other kids played.  Red squirrel was climbing up all sorts of paths.  Newt, Blue Jay, American Robin, White Footed Deer Mouse, and Northern Shrike played mom and dad.  Jumping mouse says we played in a pile of sticks with a back door and a front door and a top door.

After we had snack, we did some work.  We found colors.  We found a lot of green.  One group was finding a lot of red leaves and we were seeing what color we had the most of.  We had baskets that we put the colors in.  We all put the colors in groups. We put green, brown, yellow, red, and orange in groups.  We couldn't find much blue because there is not much blue in the forest.  We found some weird colors out there.  Sometimes it was hard to agree on exactly what color it was. 

[A memorable quote: "I found an Ottauquechee, American mushroom!"]

In our other station we found our sit spots and we made a map.  We wrote down where our special spot was and we wrote our names and our forest animal names. We had to draw our sit spots on the map so we could find them easily. When we go to sit spots it is a time to be quiet. Sit spots are a time to be by yourself.  We go to sit spots every time we go up in the woods. 

At lunch time we read a book about quiet spots.


After lunch we made pictures of our sit spots. The pictures were of what were were sitting next to.  Box turtle drew what she saw next to her.  White footed Deer Mouse drew what he calls the lion's dungeon.  Red squirrel wrote about the leaves in the tree and made a picture of an owl in the tree above his sit spot.  Beaver's sit spot has a bunch of sticks that beavers could eat.  She also drew a little beaver hive.  Blue Jay drew clouds, a sun, himself, grass and his hide out.  Blue Jay's hideout is far away from the others.  
When we were sitting down in our sit spots we gather together when we hear the owl sound.

The temperature today was 50 degrees.  We found 1 and a half inches of water in the rain gauge.  We had a good day.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Bushels of Fun!

This week we went apple picking at Riverview Farm! It was a perfect day for us to have a fall adventure.

We learned about how cider is made when we arrived. Everyone was amazed to see the apples go through the machine only to come out shredded and mushy. After that they were pressed and we watched as the juice from the apples seeped out. I think all of us wished we could try a sample!

Then it was time to look at the apple trees! We learned what the people at the orchard do to keep the trees and apples safe from animals and bugs. There were many for us to enjoy!
We picked and we picked!
We filled our bags and enjoyed a tasty snack from the orchard! We are going to make apple sauce next week!