Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, February 24th

The day that...
we got wet.

We wanted to feel the weather so we used thermometers. Some people were very careful with them. Some of us kept them in our pockets and some of us held them to see the temperature when we were outside.

While we were outside, we explored the stream. We were looking at a thermometer to see if the temperature would drop or not in the stream. It did drop and the temperature got colder and colder and colder!

Some of us stayed behind while others went exploring. Beaver was making dinner while Raccoon and River Otter were getting ice out of the tarp over the shelter. It worked and big pieces of ice came out. Some of us built a snowman. The snow was so sticky. We stuck snowballs together and even put in sticks for arms.

We were sliding! It was icy on our way back. We had to slide all the way down even if we didn't want to. 

When we came back inside we went to stations. We painted in the hallway. We were painting things that we like that we see in the forest. Some of us painted animals. We also made neck warmers. They will help us stay warm while we are outside.

It was 35 degrees today. It was rainy but fun!

Written by: River Otter, Beaver, Chipmunk, and Box Turtle.

Friday, February 12, 2016

We are 100 Days Smarter!

Happy 100th Day!

We celebrated our 100th day of school with an abundance of fun counting activities.

One of our counting activities included a 100 piece snack. Students sorted ten of each snack item into ten frames. The best part about this activity was that they could eat their work!

Each student also made a fruit loop necklace with 100 fruit loops! We worked hard to count carefully while doing each activity. It was a yummy, fun day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, February 10th

The day that...
we ate banana and chocolate chip muffins, we slid and it was snowing.

Under the snow we found ice and it was really slippery.  We walked on the snow but there was ice under the snow and we slipped.  Eastern chipmunk made a snow angel and below the snow was ice.

These are tracks.  It looks like a mouse because we could see where the tail might have dragged.  We followed the tracks and we think this hole might be the mouse's home.

We were climbing up the hill and we were sledding. Northern Shrike is holding on to a root.  Blue Jay and Raccoon and Jumping Mouse are trying to pull the root out of the ground. 

 This is Blue Jay at his sit spot.  He was sitting.

American Robin is brushing snow off of the ground.  Several students were brushing snow off of things during sit spot time. 

We were looking at the waterfall and the waterfall had water.  The water was dripping inside the icicles. It was filling the ice like water filter.  It was beautiful.  Some of the ice was cracked and laying in the water.  It didn't seem like it was cold enough for the ice to freeze more.  There were bits of ice in water.  It was so beautiful and we wanted to share it so we only took a few pieces.  We wanted to leave some for others to enjoy.

We were measuring stuff.  First we measured stuff that was shorter than our piece of rope.  Next we had to find something longer than our rope.  Then we compared to find something that was the same.  Blue Jay found a big, big long stick. 

We read Over and Under the Snow.  The book was about animals.  They were hiding under the snow.

Next we pretended a white cloth was the snow.  We took turns closing our eyes and we had to guess how many children were under the snow.  We were pretending to be mice. Some of us really are mice.  We have a white footed deer mouse and a woodland jumping mouse in our class.

At the end of our time in the forest we went to visit the brook.  We decided that from now on we are not going to walk in the stream.  Instead we can use sticks to fish or jump from snow to snow or poke the ice with sticks.  We tried to get some rocks out of the brook with sticks.

It was 32 degrees outside today.  The magic number!  It was a perfect slippery day.

The End.

Written by Deer Mouse, North American River Otter, Beaver, Blue Jay, Jumping Mouse, Eastern Chipmunk, Box Turtle.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, February 3rd

The day that...
we baked and ate monkey bread.

We did stations in the morning. In one station we made some monkey bread inside. When we made the monkey bread, we were cutting the dough into little halves so that they could be baked. We put the dough in a bag filled with cinnamon and shook it up! When we ate it at snack, some of us liked it and some of us didn't.

In another station we were making binoculars out of toilet paper rolls, tape, and corks. When we were making the binoculars we were staying focused.

When we went outside, we did not go to our normal spot. We went exploring! We looked with our binoculars and found some footprints and deer scat. Scat means the same thing as poop from animals. On the trail we found orange flags which means that there was poison ivy. We didn't have to worry about that today though because it was covered with snow.

We played in the stream. We were splashing in the water and some of our binoculars got wet! There were some places where the ice was not thick. When we stepped there, the ice broke and we fell through. Some of the water was a little deep. It was so deep in one spot that it was almost above Beaver's boot. Raccoon and Jumping Mouse went fishing. 

It was raining a lot today so we went inside early.

In one of our stations inside, we were making neck warmers with Mrs. T. We had fabric and we measured it so that we could fold them and eventually sew them. Mrs. T will do that for us because a lot of us do not know how. We are making these so that we can wear them on really cold days.

In another station we were making fire starters. There was wood and lint that we put inside of egg containers. We poured some hot liquid wax on top. These will help our fires start especially if we have wet wood. We get to take some of these home!

In our last station we were making animals with pencils. We made a mouse, snake, and birds. Dr. C. showed us how. We drew these pictures because we like to draw pictures of animals in the forest. 

Written by: Beaver, Box Turtle, Woodpecker, and Chipmunk.