Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, December 16th

The day that...
we ate pineapple cake.

During play time, some of us were making cakes out of leaves and sticks and wood. Others were using their time to make forts in their sit spots. Some of us were playing Star Wars! We were pretending to be characters from that movie and Pacman.

We also made bird feeders with pine cones, peanut butter, and seeds! In the second picture, we were counting the pine cones. There were first 21 pine cones and then there were 25! They were hung up on trees. Some of us hung them near our sit spots. Jumping Mouse wonders why a bird would even eat peanut butter?

In this picture, we are eating popcorn. We made them with seeds. We cooked the seeds with fire. It was yummy and good!

Today we made a cake! The ingredients were pineapple, cake mix, oil, and eggs. We put the mix in a pan and cooked it on the fire and then put burned wood on top. We ate the cake at our tables when we were back in the classroom. It was so good and delicious! It's now left in our tummies.

This is a picture of us learning about the sun, moon, and the earth. The sun was a flashlight. Someone was holding it and pretending to be the sun, while someone else was the moon and someone else was the earth. The person who was the earth had a hat over their eyes so that they could not see. Mrs. T. lifted the hat and the earth person had to decide if it was daytime or nighttime. They would know because the sun was bright and the moon was was half, whole, or a quarter.

It was a good, nice day. At the end of the day, we wrote our hopes and dreams for the new year and then threw them into the fire. They could go out of the fire and maybe come true! It was 40 degrees. We felt medium, not too hot, not too cold.

Written by: Jumping Mouse, Beaver, and Raccoon.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, December 9th

The day that...
We ate oatmeal chocolate chip muffins.

We took the cover off the shelter and we put hemlock boughs on. We cracked ice and took it off the tarp. We threw ice and smashed it on rocks. We grabbed onto sticks when the water was coming so we wouldn't get wet.  Some kids got a little wet anyway.  
In this picture Newt is pointing out x's and y's.  Our letters of the day were x and y and we tried to find those letters in our forest classroom.
In the other picture we used tools to punch the tarp and get the ice down.

Blue Jay raked leaves into 8 piles.  Then he went into the shelter to see what was happening.  Almost everyone helped work on the shelter.  
A few other kids were playing house.  They had a cooking problem and an animal problem.

Blue Jay, Deer Mouse, Newt, Red Squirrel, and Raccoon used a whole building community to build a fort! It was hard work to lift those sticks. They carried three at a time. Some of us told the others where we thought the sticks should go. We put the first two sticks together as a triangle and then we put the others around that point.

Today we went to stations. In one station we were building homes for different creatures. We built them so that there would be a warm place to go in the winter. If people did not have a tent with them, someone could lie down inside. Beaver was laying down and almost fell asleep. We put sticks down first, and then we put on some pine needles. We learned a fancy word: insulation! One of them kind of looked like a leaf pile. Bobcat jumped on it on accident!

In another station, we searched for trees to adopt. We are going to visit them and maybe even water them to take care of them. We were looking for trees with no colorful leaves so that we could watch them change. We couldn't choose a pine tree.

Today was Red Footed Deer Mouse's birthday! Mrs. T lit a match and Deer Mouse blew it out. We were making due with what we had. 
Box Turtle brought in a piece of paper that said it was going to be 42 degrees, but it ended up being 41 degrees while we were out there.

The end.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, December 2nd

The day that....
We ate applesauce muffins in the rain

Red squirrel discovered some bubbles on a tree.  He doesn't think the bubbles came out of the tree.  He thinks that someone was carrying a soap bottle and it must have leaked out a little.  Deer Mouse thinks it was the rain.  The rain went down the bark of the tree and made bubbles at the roots.  Newt and Northern Shrike think sap was leaking out of the tree and it made bubbles.

Raccoon, Blue Jay, Jumping Mouse, Red Squirrel, Box Turtle, Eastern Chipmunk worked together to crack the ice on split rock.  Deer Mouse went to get help.  We had a full growing community to smack the ice right off that rock. Jumping mouse and Raccoon discovered the ice and decided to chip it off.

Northern Shrike saw ice on this tree.  It felt cold and smooth and soft. 

We played a bat and moth game. The bat had to chase the moth and find it. The person who was the bat had to use their sense of hearing. The bat wanted to find the moth to eat it. Bats have really big ears and the use echolocation to find moths. The moth said "moth, moth, moth, moth."  The people on the outside of the circle were trees.  They said "tree" when someone was getting close to the outside of the circle. Bats are awake at night and they sleep during the day.  That means they are nocturnal.  

These students are listening to and looking at a book.  The book was called Giving Thanks and it was about saying thank you to everything.  After we read the book we said thank you to trees, leaves, and the air. We said thank you to the rain and we said thank you to the ice.  We were trying to make saying thank you a habit.

After we did our work it was time for lunch.  We ate some lunch outside and then some kids came inside to finish up.
A couple of kids stayed outside. 

Jumping mouse is climbing on the wood pile.  It looked like a fort.  Mrs. T and Woodpecker played hide and seek.  In this picture Woodpecker is hiding.

It was 37 degrees out today.  It was cold and rainy outside.  We had to wear gloves and a hat.  It was a wet day and we had fun.

The End