Saturday, November 18, 2017

Forest Friday, November 17th

"I hope to play with my friends." - Magnificent Moose 
"I hope to see a fox." - Energetic Eastern Newt

We are still working on stretching out words to hear individual sounds.  Since we have been in literacy groups we have all been working on similar skills such as letter formation and recognizing the sounds that each letter makes.  In some of our groups we have learned all lowercase letters.

When we went outside we noticed snow.  We are learning about the weather and how it varies from season to season.  We learned that some animals need to prepare for the colder weather by gathering food!  So we pretended we were squirrels and gathered a collection of acorns before they all get covered by snow and ice.  There were a lot of acorn tops and the acorn bottoms had chunks missing.  Our theory is that many squirrels have been working hard to gather nuts already and that some may have been nibbling at the bottoms that we found.

Our snack was a rainbow.  We helped to cut the vegetables and put them into the pan to cook over the fire.  There were brussel sprouts, squash, beets, carrots, and other tasty vegetables.  Many of us ate all of the veggies until our plates were clean!

It is getting so cold outside!  We stayed out for the whole day but some of us got a little uncomfortable and cold.  Luckily we had a fire to warm us up.  Some of us felt very toasty with lots of layers!  We're excited for the snow to come.

"I played on split rock." - Wonderful White-Footed Deer Mouse
"I helped Mr. Sadowski." - Brave Barred Owl

Even after being away from the forest for a couple of weeks we were able to remember the routines and how to be safe while outside.  Before we went inside we shared what we are thankful for.  Some of us were thankful for people and some of us were thankful for what we have.  We are all thankful that we get to go into the forest on Fridays!

Friday, November 3, 2017

October is Already Over!

Here is a glance into what we have been up to for the month of October!

In the morning when students arrive in the classroom they are able to do a table activity.  Sometimes they color or play with playdough which is shown in this picture.  It's a fun and relaxing way to start the day.

This month we were visited by a firefighter.  He taught us about the equiptment that he wears to keep himself safe when he is fighting fires.  Students got to ask questions and even hold his helmet!  We get to have two more fire safety lessons in November.

Students are enjoying their new math Work Places.  They continue to practice writing numbers (0-10), making various combinations to five, recreating patterns, and comparing different amounts by looking at partially filled Tens Frame cards.

We also got to practice our math skills in small groups at the end of the day.  This month we practiced making combinations to five by playing Go Fish.  Students also made beaded strings for counting practice.  They alternated between ten red beads and ten white beads.  They will be able to use this tool to skip count by tens or count by ones.

After our math groups we have some time for Choice.  Students are enjoying the many options that are available.  They can paint, color, build, and eat some snack too.  During one of our days with Choice some students chose to help clean out our pumpkin for our pumpkin investigation.  It was slimy and fun they said!

As you have seen in previous posts, our time in the forest has been so much fun.  We are settling into the routine and are gearing up for the colder weather.  Students are noticing so many changes outside this season and continue to explore the outdoor space.  We are practicing how to play safe with others and also how to take care of one another in our community.  Stay tuned for more adventurous posts!

On forest days we also we get a chance to spend some time with our 3rd grade buddy class!  They come to our classroom with picture books that they have picked out to read to us.  We love this time so much and couldn't ask for a better way to end the week.

Earlier this month we went to Riverview Farm to pick apples.  We also sampled some raspberries.  Since we had been learning about apples, we got to see just how an apple grows and then got to bake the apples into a delicious crisp when we went out for Forest Friday.

We continue to earn "alphabits" as a class.  There have been many celebrations so far, but some of our favorites have been pajama day and also stuffie day!