Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, November 18th

The day that...
We ate the muffins we made and we made stone soup.

Bobcat and Beaver were making a see-saw.  Others used a see-saw too.  Deer mouse and Raccoon used the see-saw as a weighing staff to weigh things.  The see-saw was made out of some wood bark that had fallen from a tree. One piece was on the ground and the other was balanced on top.

After that, we had snack.  We had muffins.  The muffins were pumpkin.  Some of us might make pumpkin muffins at Thanksgiving too! Or pumpkin pie or pumpkin cake or pumpkin cookies. We made the muffins yesterday!  We put pumpkin in them and cinnamon and sugar. The pumpkin flavor came from canned pumpkins.  The things that make the best muffins are teamwork and good friends.

We made stone soup. Mrs. T told us the story of Stone Soup by the fire. We were cutting, washing, and skinning the vegetables.  It was pretty fun.

In Miss Wetzel's station we read a book.  We read Stone Soup. There were 2 versions of the story that we could choose from.  We talked about how they were the same story but it was a different book and we voted to decide which one to read. In the beginning of the story people shut their doors when visitors came.  By the end, there was a feast and they learned to share and be nice. 
We also moved our bodies to stay warm. We did 10 jumping jacks.

We also rubbed leaves. On the top of the leaf we drew who we wanted to give it to.  We wrote down the person who really helps us.  We chose a person who we were grateful for.  Box Turtle chose her great, great grandfather because he fought in a war. Blue Jay sent it to his mom.  Dr. C will give them to us so we can take them home to give to the people who we are grateful for.

We had a great day. We were cold today! The temperature was 41 degrees.  There was ice out there!  By the end of the day it had melted but we all got to touch it.  It felt cold and smooth and wet.

The End. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday in the Woods, November 4th

The day that...
we pulled the tree out and said heave ho!

During play time today we had popcorn. We had to shake the popcorn maker and hold it over the fire.  The popcorn started out as seeds.  The special name for popcorn seeds is kernels. There is an e AND an r in kernels.  The letters e and r are the new letters we learned this week so we put a kernel in each of our letter baskets. We had muffins at snack and River Otter, Eastern Chipmunk's moms came and Wood Turtle's mom and dad came. There was maple syrup, corn meal, and squash in the muffins.

In this station we had to make the shapes that Miss Wetzel told us to make with sticks. She would tell us what shape to make.  If we needed help we would ask for it and someone would help us.  We made squares, hexagons, trapazoids and triangles.  We didn't do a rhombus but that would have been a good one.  You need 4 sides and 4 points to make a rhombus. You could also use 2 triangles to make one.  Blue Jay said there was one shape that we couldn't make with sticks: a circle.  A circle doesn't have points.  It has curves instead of sides. Like O, octopus, /o/.

A trapezoid! We made a trapezoid in a group. We had to lay down.

In another station we found stuff and we measured them.  We went for a walk in the woods to find stuff that we could measure. We had to walk far. We had to find 4 things and we had to measure them and write it on our chart.  We had to find things that were smaller than the ruler. 

Blue Jay, Raccoon and woodpecker were pretending to be chipmunks with berries in their cheeks so that Beaver and Mrs. T could pretend to be bears and chase them.  The predator was chasing the prey.  To move you said a word and you counted the syllables, and as many syllables as it had you had to walk that number of steps. The predator and the prey took turns saying words. Beaver saved the day by saying her whole name.  All of the prey got to take 9 steps because there are 9 syllables in her name.  

After we did work we had lunch.  After we had lunch we had play time.  Box turtle, beaver, bobcat, chipmunk and river otter were pretending that the stick was an airplane.  They took turns driving in the front.
Red Squirrel was pretending that a log was an army truck because it kind of looked like it was firing a laser.
Some other kids were playing star wars.  The sticks were pretending to be light sabers.

We were saying goodbye to this tree.  It had been there for a long time but we were going to dig it up.  After we went in a circle we gave the tree a big hug and then we dug it up.  We just kept saying "I love you tree". It was a small tree but it was hard to dig up because of the roots.  We had to cut the roots with the shovel to get it out of the ground.   

The tree's trunk was tall and skinny. We wanted to dig out that tree because it was fun.  We discovered the roots!  We have been learning about tree parts.  Roots help the tree stand up.  They anchor the tree. We carried the tree to a big log.  The big log was a grandpa tree.  

It was 62 degrees today.  It felt nice and warm.  
The End.