Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, February 28th

The day that...
Responsible Red Fox slipped on ice.

The first thing we did today was work on our forest plans.
This is Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander's work. It says "I hope to see scratches on a tree". We can read what he wrote because he left spaces between his words.  He listened and heard lots of the sounds that the letters make.  His words match his picture. On the picture it looks like the sky is in the distance. 

This says "I hope to see a hedgehog in his den." The writer left spaces between her words.  The words match the picture.  The writer remembered to put a period at the end of her sentence and she challenged herself to use lower case letters. This is Balanced Blue Jay's work. 

Next we headed into the forest.  We found a stream.  Wise Woodpecker is feeling the water as it flows over the rocks. 

After sit spots and morning meeting, we had time to explore the forest and play. We found a stream down the hills.  Snowshoe Hare is washing rocks in the stream.  Responsible Red Fox was playing in with the stream to find rocks. Brave Barred Owl was looking for rocks too.  She was also making a soup with leaves and snow. This stream was not there last time we were in the forest.  Maybe it came the same way the brook started. Maybe all the rain we had last week made a stream. 

Brilliant Box Turtle found a hole.
We are feeding the birds. 
This is a picture of a stick frozen on a box. We thought it was cool because the ice was blocking the water from coming out. It is also cool because these bubbles were trapped under the ice. 

In Miss Wetzel's station we were trying to find stuff that started with a letter.  In this picture we were holding up leaves.  Leaf starts with L.
Rock starts with R. 

In our other station we were pretending the blanket was snow.  We had to figure out how may children were under the blanket.  There were 5 children all together.  Mrs. T would ask some of us to go under the blanket and then the guesser would guess how many were hiding to make 5. 

We ate lunch in the forest today.  It was the first time in a long time that it was warm enough to stay out for lunch.  It was 40 degrees when we came outside. It was 50 degrees when we came inside. 

It was fun at the end of the day because we got to play again after lunch.  By the benches there was a lot of ice.  Maybe Mrs. T can bring up some sand so it is not so slippery next week.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, February 7th

The day that...
it flurried!

These are pictures of our forest plans.  In the top plan Wise Woodpecker drew a picture of a tree with a bird.  Her picture matches her words.  In the bottom plan, the writer made sure to put spaces between his words.  He also used lowercase letters!

We were feeling a deer antler!  An animal had nibbled on it.  Nibble marks are a sign that an animal has been in the forest.  Other signs could be holes in the ground, tracks,  scat, or actually seeing the animal.

For snack we had clementines and pretzels.  It tasted so yummy!  Thank you, Sweet Snowshoe Hare's family!

After snack we headed into the forest.  The whole class walked up the road because we didn't want to fall and get hurt walking up the slippery hill!

We started our day with sit spots.  Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander drew with a stick at his sit spot.  So did Wise Woodpecker, Bubbly Black Bear, Brave Barred Owl, Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse, Nice Northern Shrike, Balanced Blue Jay, Enthusiastic Eastern Newt, and Decisive Deer.  Some of us wrote designs and letters in the snow.

During play time Red Fox and Wise Woodpecker were ripping up a box to help Mrs. T get the fire going.  We didn't use all of it.  We saved some for next time.

Decisive Deer and some of her friends were sliding down a slick hill.  

In one station we were using magnifying glasses to look at snowflakes.  We saw that they have six sides.  All of us saw a snowflake up close.  We all got to see a six-sided snowflake!  They were really tiny and hard to take a picture of.  We could only enjoy them with our eyes.

In another station we were doing The Mitten.  We acted it out.  Each of us got to be an animal.  Some of us got to be two!  In the story the mole went into the mitten first.  An owl, mouse, bear, hedgehog, fox, rabbit, and a badger went into the mitten too!

When we came back inside Decisive Deer and Balanced Blue Jay were helping Mrs. T sew their neck warmers.

It was 28 degrees today.  It was a good day.