Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday Among the Trees, November 29th

The day that...
it was slippery.

We are ready to go outside! This morning we learned about sherpas.  Sherpas help people carry all the gear when people are hiking in the highest mountains in the world.  Mount Everest is the tallest mountain.   

The benches were slippery with ice from the raindrops.  All the benches were slippery and everyone was sliding.  Cheerful chipmunk was sliding on the ground.  We used our hands to feel that it was slippery and our feet and our bodies, too.  We also used our eyes.  If something is slippery, it looks shiny.

Some of us were so cold that we wanted to come inside after morning meeting.  Sweet snowshoe hare had cold, cold hands.  We snuggled together to stay warm.  

Brave Barred Owl, Selfless Snowy owl, Balanced Blue Jay and Responsible Red Fox found the scat that they had seen last week. It was frozen! They played house and played with a tree.  They felt like it was falling.  Bubbly Black Bear, Nice Northern Shrike, Reliable Racoon and Enthusiastic Eastern Newt were playing rough with each other.  One of them jumped on another and he was sad.  Then we were all sad.  Mrs. T talked with them and the student who jumped on another student said he was sorry, gave him a hug and asked if there was anything he could do to make it better. 

It was so bitter cold outside and wet that we decided to have our stations indoors today.  In one station we read a story.  The book was by Crocket Johnson who also wrote Harold and the Purple Crayon but it was a different book by the same author about the same character.  In this book, Harold takes a trip through the alphabet.  We put our thumb in front of our mouth if we knew what letter it was and if Mrs. T called us we got to say the letter and the sound.

In Miss Wetzel's station we did the calendar.  We wrote in our calendar journals, too.  After we did math we practiced thinking of words that start with different letters.

 After lunch and rest time, we were drinking hot cocoa while Mrs. T read a story.  It was good.

We were brave in the cold weather today.  It was 36 degrees out.  It felt colder than that, though because it was raining.  We were brave in the cold and it felt good to come in and get warm.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday Among the Trees, November 22nd

The day that...
there was snow on the ground.

Brave Barred Owl, Decisive Deer, and Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse are sitting at their sit spots.  They look peaceful.  Brave Barred Owl is lying down.  At some spots there were a lot of leaves and at other spots there was a lot of snow.  At Bubbly Black Bear's sit spot there was snow and he tasted it!  Sweet Snowshoe Hare was hitting leaves with a stick to get the snow off.

Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse, Responsible Red Fox and Wise Woodpecker were raking up leaves so that they could get the cabin door all clean.  They were pretending that Miss Wetzel was the queen who was coming to visit the cabin/palace.

We found crystals!  They were icicles and they could break.  This is a picture of Brilliant Box Turtle looking closely at the crystals.  He was looking for crystals that he could take home.  A lot of us liked looking at the crystals.

Nice Northern Shrike, Brave Barred Owl, and Sweet Snowshoe Hare was looking at a hole.  Cheerful Chipmunk was there too.  They found an animal home where the animal could go in and out.  

Today during stations time we played "Meet a Tree."  We were covering people's eyes with their hats.  We brought them to a tree and they felt it and when they were done they had to guess which tree they touched.  The person who had their eyes covered had to tell how the tree felt.  We put our arms around the tree to see how big it was and touched the roots and bark.  The tree sometimes felt smooth, bumpy, rough, fat, skinny, or tough.

In the other station we played the freeze or melt game.  When we said a number higher than 32 we dropped down like rain.  When we said a number lower than 32, like 1, 2, 3, then we floated down like snow.  Different people had a chance to say the temperature for the game.

It felt a little cold today.  It was so cold that Bubbly Brown Bear almost cried.  It was 36 degrees today.  Mrs. T is going to order some new mittens for our class.  Winter is really here!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday Among the Trees, November 15th

The day that...
we saw scat.

We had muffins today.  They were yummy muffins and we got 2!  Brilliant Box Turtle baked the muffins with his mom.  We were so grateful.

We are investigating some scat.  We thought it might be coyote or raccoon scat.  We found apple seeds in the scat and we used Mrs. T's phone to find out that both raccoons and coyotes eat apples.
Enthusiastic Eastern Newt and his friends are playing with sticks.  We slid down them.  Box Turtle got sad because we were wrecking it and he was trying to build it.  He felt happy when we fixed it and we were sliding down it.  When we were sliding down it made Box Turtle laugh.

In this picture it looks like Decisive Deer is sitting on top.  Wise Woodpecker and Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse are raking.  They got the cabin so nice and neat and tidy. It is like they are playing house.

In Miss Wetzel's group we made shapes today.  We made then out of sticks.

We talked about forest jobs in Mrs. T's station today.  We filled and hung the bird feeders and bird cakes.  
We collected sticks too.  When we start our forest jobs, we will have stick collectors and bird feeders.  The bird feeders are called ornithologists.

We also collected birch bark which is white tree skin.  Birch bark is good for starting fires.

A couple of students got scratches on their faces today.  In this picture, 2 students are helping another student who got hurt.  Brilliant Box Turtle got hit by a stick that fell down.  Decisive Deer got poked.

At lunch we read a book that didn't have any pictures in it.  Brave Barred Owl collected a piece of club moss and a leaf and pretended that it was one of the characters in the book on a lily pad.

We were using sticks as magic wands.  We said "ziggity, zaggety, zoom" and that turned our friends into stuff like a unicorn or frog or a mouse.

We had a great day.  It was the best forest day ever.  Our teachers were happy because everyone played nice with each other and because we had a wonderful, quiet sit spot time.
 It was 42 degrees out.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday Among the Trees, November 8th

The day that...
We found crystals.

We were so quiet at sit spots today that some of us disappeared.  Miss Wetzel was sending each child back to the circle one by one.  Wise white footed deer mouse was very quiet like it was bedtime in his house and he was so quiet that it was like his mom couldn't hear him and she thought he wasn't there sleeping.  So, when Miss Wetzel was looking for children to send to the circle she did not even see him.  Bubbly black bear disappeared too! 

We heard the fire story and collected sticks.  We collected little sticks and big sticks.  Skinny sticks are called mouse tails.  Sticks that are a little bit thicker are chickadee sticks.  These are the sticks we need to collect to get our fires started. 

After the story we all had to collect 10 sticks.  This is a picture of Selfless snowy owl and her sticks.

We were pretending we were bears.  This stick house is going to be our cave.  Wise white footed deer mouse and Decisive deer were playing in the house but Reliable Raccoon wanted to come in too.  We let him come in after all.

Enthusiastic Easter Newt, Nice Northern Shrike and Warm Woodland Jumping mouse found 2 crystals.  Some of the other children were trying to get the crystals but the children with the crystals were running fast.  Nice northern shrike fell!  He got right back up.  Eastern Newt didn't even know that he fell.  If he did know that, he would have helped him get up and checked to make sure he was o.k. Brave Barred Owl and Sweet snowshoe hare were pretending to be bears and Responsible Red Fox and Selfless Snowy Owl were the baby cubs.

We were building shapes.  We built a square, a triangle, a rectangle and a trapezoid.  We used sticks.    

We are making shapes with our bodies.  We made a trapezoid.

In our other work group we collected sticks and got tools.  We were talking about forest jobs.  We will have forest jobs so that we can take care of the forest and take care of each other.

It was 40 degrees this morning.  When we left the forest at 12:30, it was 54 degrees.  54 degrees is much warmer that 40.  The sun warmed up the forest.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday Among the Trees, November 1st

The day that...
we made an obstacle course and we saw the birds.

Bear looked up at the sky during sit spots.   Woodpecker noticed birds who were eating food from the seed bucket. Red fox was looking around.  Snowy owl was sitting on the ground and rolling back and forth and a drop of something wet landed on her.  White footed deer mouse noticed that there was a tree with a split that went farther and farther and farther.
Miss Wetzel came around to send each person who was sitting quietly in their sit spot to the circle.  When we got to the circle Mrs. T had an acorn that she was hiding in her hand.  We had to guess if it was in the bottom hand or the top hand.

We climbed today.  We climbed trees.  Woodpecker and Deer built a bear cave.  They played bears with our visitor, Niki.  They cooked dinner with bowls, mushrooms, acorns, and sticks.  
We played on an obstacle course today.  We built it! There were a lot of people who wanted to go on it.  We had to balance to get across the logs.  Chipmunk was helping people balance by standing next to them in case they needed someone to hold on to.

We fed the birds. White footed deer mouse was the last in line to put in a scoop of seeds.  Many of us took a turn.  Some children got to hold the feeder and others got to pour in a scoop.  We saw so many birds today.  One of them was called a chickadee.  It says: chicka-dee-dee-dee!

We talked about the temperature today.  We found out what temperature water freezes at.  32!  In this game, if Mrs. T said a number that was higher than 32, we were rain.  Rain is made out of water.  If Mrs. T said a number that was lower than 32, we were snowflakes.  If we were snowflakes, we fell slowly to the ground.  If we were rain, we fell quickly.  We were precipitation. 

 We made patterns.  The pattern went leaf, stick, leaf, stick.  We had to match Miss Wetzel's pattern and at the end, we got to make our own.

In number corner we usually make patterns with the numbers - it goes black, blue, black, blue, red, black, blue, black, blue, red.  Outside we used sticks, leaves and acorns.  It was really fun.

It was cold today.  When we measured the temperature in the morning, it was 35 degrees.  Snowshoe hare was our meteorologist.  We tasted scones today.  That was our snack.  They were good.