Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, May 25th

The day that...
we found a salamander.

Red Squirrel and Newt are looking at a salamander. They found it under a rock.  They thought that it was a grown up.  They put it in water and it did not swim.  They put it on dry land and it crawled away.  They covered it with some leaves to protect it from the rain and wind.

Jumping Mouse was moving a big log. He was trying to make a path for the duck to go down the falls.  He was also cleaning out the leaves.

We made Star Wars music.  Some people played the drums and some people tapped on the tree and sang.  Some people's drum sticks broke! This part of the forest classroom has become our stage.  We had a concert 2 weeks in a row. 
These pictures are from playtime.  A lot of kids did the things in the pictures but some also played Power Rangers.

We had pizza for snack today.  In the first picture we are making the dough.  Then we went outside and put the dough in the pan to cook. When the dough was mostly cooked we added the cheese so it could melt.  Then it was ready to eat for snack time.

It was good! 100% good! We ate the pizza and we each got a slice.  The slices were shaped like skinny triangles. Red squirrel thought he did not want a piece but then, when he tried it, he liked it.

In Miss Wetzel's station we were examining worms.  They are very fragile.  First we experimented with worms that were alive - we wrote about: how did they feel?  Then we experimented with gummy worms.  The alive worms felt slimy and they looked redish greyish.  The gummy worms felt sticky and looked yellow and red or white and red.  The not alive ones were really stretchy and really sticky and really good. The alive worms moved. The alive worms were called earth worms.

This is Mrs. T's station. Mrs. T was the blue jay and everyone else was a salamander.  We had to move like salamanders.

We had lunchtime in the shade because it was so hot in the sunshine!

We put the thermometer in the sun on a stump.  The sun made the thermometer go up to 100 degrees!  Even more than 100 degrees - almost 110!

It was a good day. It was 78 degrees when we first checked.  Each time we checked it again it got higher and higher and higher and higher. It was a hot day. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, May 18th

The day that...
We played all day.

Today we sang songs in the morning.  We were practicing for our spring concert. It was a rehearsal.

We were answering the morning question.  "What do you hope to see in the forest?"  Wood Turtle and Red Squirrel hoped we would see lots of trees.  We did! Newt hoped we would see a newt.  We did! 

We are reading a book before we go to sit spots. The book was about being alone.  Frog was happy to be alone.

These students were working on our alphabet book.  We had a long play time today.  Lots of kids were doing lots of great things.  They were curious and creative.  

This is Blue Jay holding a newt we found.  We are not sure if it was a newt or a salamander.  Its skin felt wet.  It was a water creature.  The creature was black and red. We found it under a rock. We found it on dry land and we thought it was not alive.  When we put it in water it was alive!  It survived! When Blue Jay put it in the water the creature was swimming and moving around and it made a hole. We named it Sam.

 Eastern Box Turtle was handing out tickets.  We were in a band.  People came to watch the show.  Eastern Chipmunk was handing out tickets for people to join the band.  After the show...

Everybody joined the band!  We made music.  We were banging on a tree branch and making it shake.  It made a shaking sound. 

American Robin is sitting in the pile of sticks.  He was pretending it was a nest.  Rocks are pretending to be eggs. The eggs are going to hatch.

American River Otter fell on a rock.  Wood Turtle was helping him out.  

This picture is from our walk out of the woods.  We saw a chipmunk on the way out! Some of the people didn't see it at first.  We gave them clues to help them find it.  We said "It is close to the Y tree."  The kids got closer to the rock and they thought there might have been 2 or even three chipmunks.  

Jumping mouse fell down on the way out of the forest.  Beaver, Chipmunk and Box Turtle got him a walking stick.  Red Squirrel picked up his lunch box and carried it for him.  Other students held his hand on the way out.  Mrs. T was happy to see us looking after each other.

Today was a really warm day.  We played a lot. The temperature was 56 degrees.  Today showed that the kids owned the forest.  They were comfortable and calm  and happy.  Everyone was working together.  We have only 2 more days of Forest School but we will be a part of the forest forever. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, May 11th

The day that...
We made bread on a stick and picked up trash.

This morning we made pizza dough.  We were using yeast to make the dough rise.  Rise means grow. We put different ingredients in and we stirred it.  We put in oil, salt, flour, water and yeast.   

We broke the dough into 16 pieces.  Mrs. T used her hands to break the dough in halves.  Then we would count how many we had.  We made the dough into a snake and flattened it,  Then we wrapped it around a stick. We had to search in the forest to find sticks that were green.  That means that we cut the branches from trees that were alive.  Once we cut them off they are not living any more. We cooked the dough over the fire place.  The children ate the dough when it was cooked.  Northern shrike thought it was good and yummy. This picture is blue jay, red squirrel and newt eating the dough.  Some of the dough had black stuff on it and it tasted weird to some but not others. 

This picture is of lunchtime in the sunshine.  We are glad that it did not rain. We read The Lorax by Dr. Suess.  It was about a Lorax and a man.  The man was making thneeds and the Lorax was the protector of the trees and he did not like the man cutting them down.  

In Mrs. T's station we raked and cleaned up wood and picked up trash.  It was green up day.  We carried a big stick over to the log pile.  We had to work as a team and climb over things as we went.

 In Miss Wetzel's station we were finding things that were alive and not alive.  We made a big rectangle with a stick in the middle.  On one side we were putting the things that were not alive.  On the other side we put the things that were alive.  At the very end we all sat in the alive side because we were all alive. Miss Wetzel was not in the square because she was taking the picture and because there was no room. 

Beaver and Eastern Chipmunk are hugging the tree. The tree was alive.  We couldn't put it in our chart because it was stuck in the ground.

American robin fell down today. He got a scrape and a sliver.  He was very brave.  He made it out of the woods just fine and he stopped crying.

It was 70 degrees at the end of the day.  When we measured the temperature at the beginning of the day it was 64 degrees.  It was really warm.  Some of our favorite parts of the day were making the dough, eating the bread, playing, picking up all the trash and roasting the dough over the fire. 

The End.   

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday in the Woods, May 4th

The day that...
We had grilled cheese.

We used teamwork to take our lunches up to the forest today.

We ate our lunch in the shelter because it was sprinkling a little bit.  We made grilled cheese sandwiches as a snack.  The cheese comes from Cabot, Vermont.  This morning we found Cabot, Vermont and Quechee, Vermont on a map of Vermont.  We also found airports, train stations, places to see performing arts, places to get information, camping places, horseback riding places, ski hills and fun sites, by looking for the symbols for these things in the map key.  The key told us what the little picture meant and then we searched for the little picture on the map.

After lunch some of us went inside and some of us stayed out.  5 children went inside and 8 stayed outside.  That is 13 all together!  The kids who went inside worked on the letter pages for our class alphabet book.  Each page has an upper case letter, a lower case letter and a border design.  Northern Shrike painted the letter L. They were so colorful and each one was different.  We were happy with the way they came out.  We finished the whole alphabet! When the weather warms up we are looking forward to painting with water colors outside by the brook. 

The kids who stayed outside played in the brook.  Jumping Mouse is trying to get our water wheel to work.  The base kept floating to the top.  We solved that problem by putting a rock on it to weigh it down.  We couldn't quite get the wheel to turn.  It still didn't spin.  We'll have to think about how we can adjust it so that the water can catch the sails and turn the wheel.  We might need to use sticks and make bigger holes.

We also had more rubber duck races.  The challenge was to see how far we could make the duck float without touching the duck.  We used sticks and our hands to clear out leaves and sticks.  We were trying to build up the water pressure to push the duck along.  Box turtle introduced us to a new word to describe what we were working on: current.  When water moves fast in a stream or river it is called current.  Red squirrel had built a ramp for it a few days ago but we couldn't find it.

Today was a fun day.  It was chilly outside - 50 degrees.  We made really accurate predictions about the temperature even before we looked at the thermometer.  We could tell the it felt about 40 or 50 degrees.  This was our first Forest Day in May.  Next week we are hoping for sunshine!  Then we can have lunchtime in the sunshine.  Today we had lunchtime in the rain cloud.