Sunday, September 30, 2018

Soaring Through September

Here is a glance at what we have been up to in September!

During our first few days of school we made a gingerbread man.  When we went to check on him in the oven we found that he had run away!  We followed clues around the room until we finally found him in Mrs. Newton's office.

In the morning students arrive and head to their tables to do some morning work.  The activities have included fine motor activities with the goal of building finger strength.  Other activities have included making patterns.

During our literacy time we have been working with letters.  Mrs. Marshall has been joining us from time to time to help us know our left from our right and to help us learn about Mat Man.  We have also been using wooden tools to build uppercase letters.  Soon we will be connecting the letters with their sounds and breaking into small groups for learning centers.

Here we are during some of our literacy activities.  We have been identifying and making uppercase letters.

Through our literacy work we have also been working with our names!  One project included making our names into rocket ships.  We were "Blasting off to Kindergarten!"

During math we use Workplace stations to explore and practice various skills.  With the materials that we have, we build and use our creative skills.  Soon we will have stations that allow us to practice writing numbers and build combinations to five.  We will also continue our work with patterns.

Students learned about the 5 Senses this month.  We explored our senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch through various experiments and activities.  In these pictures we are doing a taste test and recording whether we liked the food items or not.

Choice time is a class favorite.  We get to play and relax in the afternoon, choosing whichever activity we would like.  Some of us paint, build towers, pretend to be dinosaurs, and read books.

Our time in the forest has been so much fun!  It has been a little wet lately but we have been making the most of it.  The snacks have been tasty and we are learning how to take care of the natural space.  Soon we will begin learning stations in the forest.

When we come inside from the forest we end our day with our 3rd grade buddies.  They bring books and read to us!  It is always a fun way to end our week.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Forest Friday, September 21st

The day that...
it rained!

"I hope to see the stream."
Illustrated by: Beaver
"I hope to climb the rock."
Illustrated by: Eastern Chipmunk
"I hope to play."
Illustrated by: Meadow Vole
"I hope to see the rock again."
Illustrated by: Eastern Box Turtle

Each morning before we head outside we draw a picture of what we hope to see or do in the forest.  Miss Wetzel wrote the words for us this week, but soon we hope to write our own words.

Once the rain slowed down a bit we were able to make our way outside wearing our amazingly handy rain pants!  We are happy to each borrow our own pair for the year so that we can stay dry.  Our first stop was at the school garden.  We gathered some pieces of corn that we would be eating for snack. 

When we got up the hill we found our forest animals waiting for us in our sit spots so that we would remember where to sit.  When we met for our circle share some of us volunteered to share what we noticed with one of our five senses.  Some of us heard birds, saw sticks or other natural materials, and felt the wet ground.

During play time we explored more of our forest.  We did a lot of building.  Some of us were playing on split rock, making a fort and protecting it while others worked as a team to build a fairy house.

For snack Mr. Sadowski roasted corn from the garden over the fire.  We all loved it!  Eastern Box Turtle thought he could eat it for the rest of his life.  Next week we are hoping to start our Learning Centers in the forest.

It was 59 degrees and a little damp in the forest but we made the most of it!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Our First Forest Friday!

The day that...
we spent the day among the trees.

We hiked into the forest, bringing with us our lunches and water bottles.  Our walk was a little slippery because of the roots and rocks that were a little wet.

When we got to the top we had the job of finding an animal card that had been placed in different spots.  The cards told us what our forest names will be and it also showed us where our sit spots will be for the school year.  In sit spots we get a chance to sit and look around us, noticing the various parts of nature.

Before play time began we came up with some ideas together of some activities that would be fun.  One choice was painting with watercolors with our fingers.  We used rain water because the stream was dry.  We hope to be able to paint by the stream soon.

For snack we made popcorn over the fire.  We could hear the pop, pop, pop of the kernels as they cooked in the oil.  When all of the kernels had popped we added some salt which made it even tastier!  Some of us thought we could eat popcorn all day long!

Before lunch time we got to work and cleaned up our space a little.  We were in charge of gathering old logs and placing them in a pile.  Some of us gathered rocks too so that we could use them for future projects.

We ate our lunches outside.  It will be important for us to remember to bring inside trash and any other items that we bring outside.

We made a lot of discoveries in the forest today!  It made us very excited for the adventures that we will have in the future.

It was warm but comfortable in the woods.  We even caught a glance of the sun!