Sunday, September 30, 2018

Soaring Through September

Here is a glance at what we have been up to in September!

During our first few days of school we made a gingerbread man.  When we went to check on him in the oven we found that he had run away!  We followed clues around the room until we finally found him in Mrs. Newton's office.

In the morning students arrive and head to their tables to do some morning work.  The activities have included fine motor activities with the goal of building finger strength.  Other activities have included making patterns.

During our literacy time we have been working with letters.  Mrs. Marshall has been joining us from time to time to help us know our left from our right and to help us learn about Mat Man.  We have also been using wooden tools to build uppercase letters.  Soon we will be connecting the letters with their sounds and breaking into small groups for learning centers.

Here we are during some of our literacy activities.  We have been identifying and making uppercase letters.

Through our literacy work we have also been working with our names!  One project included making our names into rocket ships.  We were "Blasting off to Kindergarten!"

During math we use Workplace stations to explore and practice various skills.  With the materials that we have, we build and use our creative skills.  Soon we will have stations that allow us to practice writing numbers and build combinations to five.  We will also continue our work with patterns.

Students learned about the 5 Senses this month.  We explored our senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch through various experiments and activities.  In these pictures we are doing a taste test and recording whether we liked the food items or not.

Choice time is a class favorite.  We get to play and relax in the afternoon, choosing whichever activity we would like.  Some of us paint, build towers, pretend to be dinosaurs, and read books.

Our time in the forest has been so much fun!  It has been a little wet lately but we have been making the most of it.  The snacks have been tasty and we are learning how to take care of the natural space.  Soon we will begin learning stations in the forest.

When we come inside from the forest we end our day with our 3rd grade buddies.  They bring books and read to us!  It is always a fun way to end our week.

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