Friday, September 14, 2018

Our First Forest Friday!

The day that...
we spent the day among the trees.

We hiked into the forest, bringing with us our lunches and water bottles.  Our walk was a little slippery because of the roots and rocks that were a little wet.

When we got to the top we had the job of finding an animal card that had been placed in different spots.  The cards told us what our forest names will be and it also showed us where our sit spots will be for the school year.  In sit spots we get a chance to sit and look around us, noticing the various parts of nature.

Before play time began we came up with some ideas together of some activities that would be fun.  One choice was painting with watercolors with our fingers.  We used rain water because the stream was dry.  We hope to be able to paint by the stream soon.

For snack we made popcorn over the fire.  We could hear the pop, pop, pop of the kernels as they cooked in the oil.  When all of the kernels had popped we added some salt which made it even tastier!  Some of us thought we could eat popcorn all day long!

Before lunch time we got to work and cleaned up our space a little.  We were in charge of gathering old logs and placing them in a pile.  Some of us gathered rocks too so that we could use them for future projects.

We ate our lunches outside.  It will be important for us to remember to bring inside trash and any other items that we bring outside.

We made a lot of discoveries in the forest today!  It made us very excited for the adventures that we will have in the future.

It was warm but comfortable in the woods.  We even caught a glance of the sun!

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