Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October is Already Over!

Here is a glimpse into what we have been up to in the classroom this month!

For our morning work we have been building our finger strength with play dough, building, pin poking, and coloring.

We have started literacy stations for four days each week.  There are four groups practicing various focus letters.  We write the letters, create the letters, and match them with the sounds that they make.  So far we are learning upper case letters.
When heading outside for recess, sometimes we like to have a little race to the playground...

It's getting pretty cold out there!  Some of us even found some ice on the playground.

Before our free play during choice time we often do a craft or activity related to whatever science or social studies subject that we are focusing on.  This month we conducted a pumpkin investigation where we looked carefully at the outside as well as the inside of the pumpkin.  We also did several fun crafts to learn about weather and to celebrate Halloween.

We were so lucky and got to go apple picking at Riverview Farm!  We learned about how apples grow and got to pick our own apples to bring home.  They were tasty.

Our second field trip of Kindergarten was to the Hopkins Center to watch a beautiful performance of The Rainbow Fish.  The puppets that they used in the show glowed and were very magical.  It was a "no shushing" show so many of us laughed and gasped as we watched.

Here we are making our very own rainbow fish after watching the beautiful performance on the stage.  Each of our fish had one glittering scale among the rainbow scales.  We loved that Rainbow Fish shared his pretty scales with his friends.  He was showing kindness.

On our bulletin board outside of our classroom you can see all of our fish swimming together!

Our forest learning has been fun and freeing!  We have learned how to be by ourselves in our sit spots, how to play safely with sticks, and how important it is to try something (like a snack) before we say we don't like it.
On Halloween we had a new guest teacher.  We had a fantastic day of learning and it was a great way to end the month of October!

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