Friday, October 26, 2018

Forest Friday, October 26th

The day that we cooked muffins!

"I hope to see bees."
"I hope to play."
"I hope to see a cabin."
"I hope to see an apple tree."

We worked hard in the morning to stretch out words to hear sounds.  We were excited to think about what we wanted to see or do in the forest.

Many of us found our rocks in our sit spots that we had painted last week.  We were able to sit and notice what was around us so that we could share out at the fire.  Some of us saw the beautiful leaves, some of us heard the breeze going through the trees, and some of us touched sticks around our sit spots.

Before going to play we were given a challenge.  Since we were focusing on uppercase letters with straight lines this week in the classroom, our challenge was to make one of our focus letters with sticks.  This picture shows some of the letters that we made.  We made X, W, Y, and V.

Our friends in KR made muffins to bring into the forest this week for snack!  We cut them in half and heated them up over the fire. They were warm and delicious.  It was also a treat for us to have hot chocolate for the first time in the forest.  It will probably be a good thing to have in the weeks to come as it gets colder.  We are excited to bake for the next time that we go into the forest.

Before lunch we did some counting.  Similarly to last week, we gathered and counted ten sticks and then practiced skip counting.  We had gathered eighty sticks!  We also stayed warm by playing "touch ten trees".

We won't be in the forest next week because of parent/teacher conferences but we are looking forward to seeing the changes in our forest classroom when it's time for us to return!

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