Thursday, October 25, 2018

Forest Friday, October 19th

The day that we painted rocks.

"I hope to see a campfire."
"I hope to paint rocks."
"I hope to see trees."
"I hope to see a fox."

We start each forest day with a little journaling.  Our goal is to think about what we hope to see or do in the forest.  We are working on hearing sounds in words as we stretch them out and say them slowly.  We are also trying to remember that a sentence ends in a punctuation mark and so we have been practicing making a period to show that we have finished a thought.

Our craft for the day allowed us to paint rocks.  We used our creative energies to make our rocks colorful and then we placed them in our sit spots so that we may be able to find them more easily each week.

After a bit of play time we split into groups and worked on a math challenge.  We needed to each collect a group of ten sticks of the same size.  After we all checked to see if we had ten we skip counted by tens.

For snack we ate some cream of chicken soup that had been heated over the fire.  For a little added tastiness we got to put some croutons into our soup.  It was the perfect way to warm us up.

Before heading inside we did a little cleanup and moved more rotten and large logs to our stick pile.  
We were so lucky to have a sunny and cool day today.

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