Friday, October 12, 2018

Forest Friday, October 12th

The day that we cooked rocks!

Our playtime was fun and colorful!  We built big and little forts, moving sticks of all sizes.  We also moved around leaves and helped to make snack.

The big question was... were we going to eat rocks or something more edible?  Here are our faces as we watched rocks sitting over the fire.  Luckily we did NOT eat rocks.  We were just drying them over the fire so that we can soon paint them to mark our sit spots.  Instead we ate maple glazed carrots.  Here are our faces when we put our actual snack on the fire.

They carrots were warm and tasty.  So many of us liked them!  There were orange and even purple carrots.  Some of us even got to do a taste test.  The question was, do the different colored carrots taste differently?  We put on a blindfold and tried each color.  They tasted the same!

After lunch we did some work in the forest.  We cleared out more big logs.  It looked different and more clear when we were finished.  It was another beautiful day in the woods.

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