Friday, June 1, 2018

Forest Friday, June 1st

"I like when we get to have stations." -Mannered Meadow Vole
"I like the way we get to play." -Brave Black Bear
"I like to play in the forest." -Responsible Red Squirrel
"I like when we have snack." -Balanced Blue Jay

Instead of writing in our journals we reflected about our favorite part of the forest.  There were many highlights for us but most of us said that we loved the amazing snacks in the forest.

On our way to the forest we stopped by the garden to take a look at the progress made thanks to the garden club.  Mr. Sadowski grabbed some asparagus for our special snack.

During play time we played many active games.  Some of us were pretending that we were animals while others were helping the animals by creating places for them to stay.  Others were using sticks as tools and building forts.

We also checked our rain gauge and found less than an inch of water.  We predicted that it would get more water soon since thunderstorms were expected in the afternoon.

For snack we made a frittata.  A few of us helped to crack 36 eggs.  We also cut up asparagus and other yummy veggies.  We mixed it all together and set it on the fire so that it could cook up.  It was fluffy when it was all cooked and we cut it up into little pieces.  We tried it and almost all of us wanted seconds.

Our last day in the forest will be next Friday.  Parents are welcome to join us and celebrate!

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