Thursday, May 31, 2018

May was Marvelous

Here is a look into what we have been up to during the month of May!

Our literacy time has been busy and bustling.  We continue to work on carefully writing our letters and learning sight words.  As we connect letters to the sounds that they make we are growing more confident with our ability to stretch words out as we write and read.

This month we welcomed several Mystery Readers into our classroom for read aloud time.  Family members of our students signed up to read to us and we had the best time.

Our science unit this month focused on plants.  We planted seeds and watched them quickly grow.  
We conducted other plant experiments as well.  We learned about the parts of a plant and compared the stem to a straw.  We placed celery stalks in colored water and watched as the leaves on the celery changed color to match the water.  Similar to a straw, a stem sucks up water to give the entire plant nutrients.  
In our other experiment, we considered what plants need to survive.  We planted seeds with some of those necessary things missing.  One plant was missing water, one was missing soil, and one was missing sun.  It was extremely surprising to see that each plant grew (we created some theories as to why that was)... but it wasn't surprising to see that the plant getting all of the necessary nutrients grew to be the largest and greenest.

As part of our plant unit in science we tried each part of a plant for a snack.  We ate carrots for the roots, celery for the stem, spinach for the leaves, broccoli for the flower, and peanuts for the seeds.  We ate samples of each part and got to vote for our favorite.  Carrots (or the root) was the winner!

This month we were lucky enough to incubate eggs that would later hatch into... chicks!  We learned that it takes 21 days for the eggs to develop.  We followed the journey of the chicks by watching a video periodically so that we could journal about the development.  Seven of our eggs hatched and we fell in love with our fluffy little friends.  It was an experience we'll always remember!

Our math time has been filled with comparing numbers, creating equations, and counting patterns.  We have also been studying shapes more closely as we compare, sort, and describe them.

What's that sound?  It's thunder!  As the thunder storms started rolling in, we got to read Thunder Cake by Patricia Pollaco.  It's a story about a girl and her grandmother gathering ingredients to make a cake before a thunder storm reaches their home.  There was a secret ingredient in the cake that made it extra delicious... tomatoes!  We loved making it and eating it after we read the story.

Ms. Keel continues to come into the classroom for guidance lessons.  We have been talking about personal space, safety, and being kind.  We even made a kindness quilt!  On squares of paper we gave an example or how we have been kind to others.

Our adventures in the forest have continued with experiments and exploring!  We raced ducks, cooked delicious snacks, hiked to new places, and saw many creatures along the way.

We have had many "alphabit" celebrations this year.  Some have included stuffees, pajamas, movies, and recently we celebrated earning 100 "alphabits" with a popsicle party!

We are currently practicing and preparing for our end of the year celebration.  We will be performing The Very Hungry Caterpillar with KR.  We are so excited to show everyone what we've been working on!  Join us in the library at 8:00 next Friday (June 8th) for snacks, a show, and a review of our year in Kindergarten.

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