Friday, September 8, 2017

Our First Forest Friday, September 8th

The day that...
we ate popcorn!

Here are some of our forest journals from today.  We drew pictures of what we were hoping to see when we went into the forest.  An adult wrote our words.  We are working on adding details to our pictures.

On our way up we stopped at the amphitheater.  We learned that we should not run in the forest.  We also learned that we are careful with our friends. 

Here we are around the fire.  We were sharing about what we noticed in our new sit spots.  We also got our forest animal names today!

This is Barred Owl on the left.  He found a worm!  He thinks it's adorable. It was on the ground and it was broken.  He thinks it will grow back.  A lot of us found worms in the forest today!

During play time we played with a rope.  You can use it to climb up a big rock.  The rope helps you get up and helps you get down.  Some of us played with friends and climbed trees.  Some of us climbed big rocks.

For snack we had popcorn!  It popped!  We cooked it over the fire.  It tasted good.  It's the world's greatest popcorn!

We walked back to school in a line without any issues.  We also stayed in our spots.  We walked back inside nice and quietly.

It was a good day.  We used sticks but we made sure we didn't point them at other people.  We are still practicing how to use sticks safely in the forest.

Written by the students of KW!

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