Friday, June 2, 2017

Forest Friday, June 2nd

The day that...
we made pasta and found crystals.

At the beginning of the day we had our spelling bee in our classroom.  We had cardboard on our tables that made sure that we couldn't see another person's paper.  It looked like a desk. It was fun for some us!

This is Reliable Raccoon's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see fox scat."  His words match his picture.  There are spaces between his words so it is easier for us to see them.
This is Wise White Footed Deer Mouse's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see some toads."  He put spaces between his words and he colored inside of the lines.
This is Brave Barred Owl's journal.  She wrote "I hope I see a Scarlet Tanager."  She put spaces between he words.  She also has a lot of details in her picture.

This is Alfonso.  He sings a pizza song.  He sounds just like Maximo from GoNoodle!
First we squished the dough with our hands.  Then we flipped the dough and kneaded it.  Then we used a machine to flatten the dough.  On the other side of the machine, we put the dough through and it cut it into strips.  We hung the pasta on a string.  Then we cooked the pasta on the fire in a pot with water.  We put cheese and butter on the pasta before we ate it all up!
The pasta was really good!  We liked it.  

It was kind of cold outside.  It was around 60 degrees today.

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