Friday, May 19, 2017

Forest Friday, May 19th

The day that...
we had asparagus and pepperoni.

This is Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander's journal.  He put spaces between his words.  His picture matches his words.  His picture has really great details.
This is Brave Barred Owl's journal.  She wrote "I hope I see a hummingbird."  She started her sentence with an uppercase letter.  She put a period at the end of her sentence.  
This is Nice Northern Shrike's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see a salamander."  He used realistic colors in his picture.  The tree is really good.

These friends are carrying several lunches.  In this picture Brave Barred Owl, Selfless Snowy Owl, and Responsible Red Fox were carrying the lunches.   Bubbly Black Bear and Enthusiastic Eastern Newt were also carrying lunches.  Other friends were carrying water and our forest toilet.

Wise White Footed Deer Mouse is wearing Mr. Sadowski's hat.  Bugs were flying around his head and the hat kept them away.

During play time some of us were making fairy houses by the brook.  We made beds and a pool.  Some of us were making holes in the brook and making the water flow faster and slower.

We had vegetables and pepperoni for snack. Some of us helped to make the fire.  We needed fire to cook!  It was very easy to cook.  Wise White Footed Deer Mouse helped.  He was very safe when he used a knife.   The pepperoni was a little spicy.  The asparagus was very yummy!

In Miss Wetzel's station we were doing math.  We were working with the tricky teens.  There were cards that had numbers on them.  Those cards matched other cards that had the same number in a double ten frame.  It was good. 

This was from Mr. Sadowski's station.  We made log houses.  We had to be kind and fast.  We worked together!  This is the boys' house.  

It was seventy two degrees outside.  It was kind of hot.  We had so much fun!  It was a good day.

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