Friday, May 12, 2017

Forest Friday, May 12th

The day that...
it was super muddy.

This is Sweet Snowshoe Hare's journal.  She wrote "I hope to see a cardinal bird."  It has spaces which helps us see the words.  
This is Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see a hole."  He wrote this in the morning and then found one when he went outside!
This is Cheerful Chipmunk's journal.  He wrote "I hope to see a fox."  His sentence has good spaces and his picture matches his words.

Wise Woodpecker and Warm Woodland Jumping Mouse found fiddleheads!  We noticed that there were a lot of baby fiddleheads.

During play time we went to the brook.  We had fun there.  Reliable Raccoon and Bubbly Black Bear found a crystal while they were there.  Some of us were building a fairy house.  Others were building a dam with rocks and leaves.

Responsible Red Fox found an acorn sprout.  It had a green sprout coming out of the side!

Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander found a large hole!  We wonder how it got there.  Some of us thought a bear lived there.  Mr. Sadowski told us that the roots were growing over a rock and that eventually the tree tipped over because it wasn't so sturdy.

We made grilled cheese for snack.  We used bread for the bottom and top and cheese in the middle.  Mr. Sadowski cut each sandwich into four pieces.  Everybody got to eat two pieces of grilled cheese.  It tasted great and delicious!

In Miss Wetzel's station we were doing math problems.  Bubbly Black Bear and Selfless Snowy Owl used five leaves to show how many dots were on the five frame.  The card tells us that 5+0=5.
We know other equations too!  3+2=5 and 4+1=5

In Mr. Sadowski's station we were finding different types of leaves.  We found maple, oak, white pine, beech, and hemlock.  It was fun.

It was a very fun day.  It was warm out today.  It was around 60 degrees.

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