Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Among the Trees, April 11th

The day that...
we went on an Easter egg hunt!

"I hope to see a caterpillar."  Newt heard so many sounds in the word caterpillar.  His words match his picture.   
"I hope to see fox scat."
"I hope to see a bird." Sweet Snowy Owl put spaces between her words and her words match her picture. He letters are neat.  We can see that she took her time and wrote carefully. 

Reliable Raccoon is holding up the fruit and the bread that Balanced Blue Jay's mom sent us for snack today.  That was very generous of her. 

We were pretending that we were the Easter Bunnies. 
At morning meeting our activity was to find the brightly colored eggs. There was a marshmallow inside of the egg and a word that we had to read to Miss Wetzel.  There were words like it, can, no and the. At play time we got to play with the eggs some more.

We painted at the brook.
It was fun to draw at the brook. We also got to play in the brook today.  Some of the kids made a dam.
We were painting pictures about spring. Some of us were painting what we saw.  Even Miss Wetzel painted.  We used the water from the brook to make our paints wet. 

In Miss T's station we collected buds. We called them bud bouquets. We have them at our tables now and we can watch them grow. 
We found a great bud and we were excited to cut it and put it in our bouquet but there was a spider in a spider web on it.  This was his home so we decided to leave it be. 
We got soaking wet. We were playing.  Some of us put our hands in the water and it was very cold!  Cheerful Chipmunk got wet to his knee. It was fun and cold.  It was a vernal pool.

On our way back inside, we played more.  We were playing in another part of the brook.  There was a lot of water today.  It was really hot and the heat from the sun melted the snow.

Selfless Snowy Owl, Brave Barred Owl, and Responsible Red Fox were carrying everyone's lunch box.  We have three major rules in the forest: we take care ourselves, we take care of our forest, and we take care of each other.  These friends were doing all three.

Our day was great.  It was 65 degrees today.

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