Friday, April 28, 2017

Forest Friday, April 28th

The day that...
we saw a snail.

"I hope to see a fiddlehead."  This student used finger spaces and drew a very realistic illustration.
"I hope to see flowers."  This student used an uppercase letter at the beginning of her sentence and a period at the end.
"I hope to see a toad."  This student looked at the Naturally Curious book to decide what she wanted to see in the forest.

We found fiddlehead ferns today! They were very small and still growing.  Some of us had written in our forest journals that we wanted to see them.

For snack we made apple crisp over the fire.  Some of us helped to cut the apples before we added the other ingredients.  We let it cook for a while and then tried it while it was warm.  It was so yummy!

We saw a snail today! The shell felt hard.  The shell looked cute.  When we scared it Engaged Eastern Redback Salamander saw it go into its shell. Cheerful Chipmunk called it grandfather snail. Salamander called it Mr. Snail. The snail was gone by the time we got back from stations. 

In one station we tried to copy the sounds that birds make. One of the birds we practiced was an owl.  The blue jay sounded like a scratching disk. EEEE. EEEE. EEEEE. The sounds were fun to listen to but they were hard to make. Some of the birds we heard recordings of were birds that we had heard in nature before.

In another station we collected sticks and grouped them by 10's.  We were collecting them so that we can burn them in our fire.  One group collected 180 sticks and another group collected 190 sticks.

At the end of the day some of us played in the brook. We were playing with a duck we called Mr. Quackers.  We were trying to make him go as fast as we could. There were lots of rocks and some of them were stuck and we could not move them. 
The rest of us stayed up at our base camp and played. We climbed a rope and rock climbed and we played and had fun.

People forgot their lunch in the forest so we got a stick and put all the lunches that were forgotten on it.  We brought the lunches in but left the stick outside. We even put the trash on the stick and the cups.  Some things belong to all of us and we all work together to carry them.  Salamader was a good leader and helped the group. We took good care of each other today.  A lot of friends helped with carrying things for the group.

It was 68 degrees today.  We had a good day.

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